Desktop App Lag - typing msgs, switching channels, etc

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You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). 


It has seemed to have gotten worse on the Windows app.  When typing messages in chats or channels, especially when typing during a screenshare.  Switching channels or between different part of the app is sluggish.


I've updated my video drivers just because..  Radeon Pro.  


Mobile client doesnt seem to have the same lag, nor does the Web app.  I dont see it to be network bandwidth at this point..  just that the app can drag from time to time.  Super annoying.

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I have the same issue with the Mac Client. Changing to a new channel or chat is very slow and typing a new message lags when on a new chat/channel quick significantly. It takes about 10-15 seconds before I can start typing a message. This issue seemed to start happening when they released the read/unread status indicators and there is no setting to even turn this "feature" off. I'm on for the mac. 



@mattm02   I am also having these issues on macOS Mojave version: 10.14.6 (18G3020)

The chat is laggy and can take 1-6 seconds to render the text that I'm typing. I can also feel stutters in the application when receiving new messages. This is killing me, I absolutely hate the performance of MS Teams on macOS. Someone, please help me improve the performance of this piggy!

mac specs:
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
MS Teams version:
Microsoft Teams Version It was last updated on 4/15/20.

We are facing similar issues here. @Bmoney6 


We are experiencing huge input lag while typing in the chat. Somehow the app seems to be loading something or waiting for some kind of response. It can take up to 5 seconds to recover and then for a short amount of time the input works before breaking again.


Microsoft Teams Version It was last updated on 22/05/2020.

Everyone in our team is experiencing a lot of lag in Teams desktop application. Chat freezes for several seconds, the whole app becomes unresponsive.

It's not related to my machine, if 30+ people have the same issue every single day.

@microsoft, fix the performance issues in your application, it is extremely frustrating and annoying.

I hate that we are forced to use this crappy software. Even MSN messenger back in 2000 had better performance than this garbage.

@Jānis Simsons I created a bug ticket for it, 7 upvotes so far. No official response:


We need more people to address this issue, it's unbelievable how bad the performance of Teams is right now.

@Jurgen Brouwer 


Have the same problem. MS Teams for Linux virtually unusable.  At times will let me type with no lag, but mostly not.  Shame, could really be a great tool...

Also having this problem with Teams.... really getting ready to uninstall or drop our 365 subscription overall from my entire organization, we simply can't work like that. They can't even get Conditional Access to work right in Azure to stop emails from being brute-forced, let alone identify the brute force themselves. Super disappointed with what these services are turning into.



The silence is deafening... Microsoft, are you going to support Linux or is this just another tepid attempt at appeasing the non-Windows OS crowd?

@sid_k This lag is computer is less than a year old with 32gb of RAM and I can't even run Teams without crippling lag while presenting/video chatting.

@JosephwhitewayTry to disable the GPU .  Under settings: Disable GPU hardware acceleration (requires restarting Teams)  I know, seems counter intuitive, but seems to affect the issue, runs better sometimes after selecting that.




@sid_k Hello, i've tried this and it, unfortunately, did not help. I tried this a few weeks ago.

@essesscui I find that my problems come from specific calls on the Web App. Nothing intensive either, just someone sharing their screen, absolutely no difference from other classes except performance. 

Video chat with 6 people is very laggy, CPU at 90% on a core i5. thats unacceptable

@essesscui Try turning off read receipts. Profile -> Settings -> Privacy -> Read receipts - OFF.

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Try these ideas.


The issue could be with


Teams itself (Unlikely)

Your firewall

Your Internet service provider speed

Your Internet service packet loss (This is a very common cause)

Your WiFi

Your WiFi channel


So firstly what can you do.


Run a speed test. If > 20 mbps you're all good. If below you have an issue with your ISP or wifi signal. 

Add an exception for teams on your firewall

Check for packet loss. Use command and enter ping -t. Check for any timeouts as this is packet loss. Google how to do this. 

Packet loss can have many reasons why it occurs so if you notice timeouts look it up. One potential cause is wifi issues. These can include too many people using the one channel, an underperforming network card etc...

A solution for improving Wi-Fi is to get a Wi-Fi adapter. It's basically an antenna to improve your PC's ability to get WiFi reliably. 

If this all fails log into your router settings. Change the WiFi channel. Google how to do this. 

Whilst in your router settings consider port forwarding any ports required for teams


I know I haven't gotten into detail here. Google how to do things if you don't know how. 




Why do you automatically assume that an issue with Teams itself is highly unlikely?

We literally have hundreds of people across 4 countries that have the same lag issue. How can you assume everybody has an issue with their computer/network or whatever settings, and not the application itself?

I use a lot of messaging applications and none of them has such high degree of lag and responsiveness issues as Teams.

Please stop blaming users for issues that exist in your code and/or infrastructure setup.


I also did check the suggestions you wrote:

1) Network speed: 850 mbps

2) Not using wifi, I have an ethernet cable.

3) Results from ping:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 55, Received = 55, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 7ms, Maximum = 8ms, Average = 7ms

4) If ports weren't forwarded, application wouldn't have any connection, I have automatic port forwarding.