Can login to Microsoft Teams WebApp but not desktop or iOS

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I can login to teams on the WebApp but not on the iOS or desktop app. Both apps ask for authentication, and then return a message that teams is disabled. The account I am using is associated with a gmail email address, and has no admin I or the company inviting me to teams can access.

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Hi @cstansky,


This could be a policy applied by your host which disables the desktop application and the iOS app for Teams usage. The problem can be troubleshooted better if your host can confirm that no such policy has been applied.


Adil Yoosuf 

@adilyoosuf Could you clarify who my "host" is. I was invited by a company I work for, and put in my own business email (not microsoft) for the username which I manage and created an account with it. I've asked them to confirm I have access. Would be strange if they disabled the app/desktop version, unless it was triggered automatically.


Attached is the error screen on the iOS app.

@cstansky "host" is the company which has invited you to Teams. Based on the information you have provided you are probably creating a Microsoft guest account. Please confirm with your host that you have a Microsoft license (with Teams functionality) assigned and that you have no specific policies restricting you from accessing Teams via iOS app/desktop app.



When I log into my account at I can see microsoft teams is disabled, but I cannot change the option. So I'm not an admin I'm assuming. I suppose this setting must be changed by the host who invited me, but there are many other guests the host invited who are using teams without issue. @Robert Bogue 

@cstansky that's interesting. should be logging you into your AAD ... I've never thought about the condition where you invite people from an organization where teams is disabled.  It makes sense that you'd be prevented from logging into your AAD account in the client.  If you're being invited on a corporate account, I'd suggest having them invite a personal account.


If you're already getting invited on a personal account I have no answers.  It doesn't make sense that AAD would even let you login with a personal account.