Background images in Teams announcement no longer possible

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Hi all,
Is it no longer possible to add background images in the headline in teams announcements? 
Has this been generally switched off?


You have Microsoft Teams version 23272.2708.2452.9689.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 23/10/2023.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 09.26.52.png
Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 09.28.19.png

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Hi @SvenJHH,

here are some information regarding your issue:

  1. Some users have reported that the option to add background images to announcement posts is missing, particularly in new Teams experiences.

  2. it is mentioned that Microsoft might be planning to add a feature called "Designer" to create more powerful banners. 

You can use Designer in Microsoft Teams (free) on Windows 11 to create announcement banners for community announcements. This feature allows you to add and customize images for your announcements.

To create a community announcement banner with Designer:

  1. Go to the community where you want to use Designer.
  2. Select "Announcement," and then click the "Background image Create with Designer" button in Teams.
  3. You'll have the option to add an image, generate an image, or explore ideas from existing images.
  4. After selecting an image, you can customize the size, text, and layout.
  5. When you're ready, select "Done" to add the image to your community announcement.
  6. You can then post your announcement to the community.

This suggests that while traditional background images in announcements may be missing, the use of Designer within Microsoft Teams provides an alternative for creating visually appealing announcement banners.

Background Images within Announcement posts - Microsoft Community Hub

Create a community announcement banner with Designer in Microsoft Teams (free) - Microsoft Support

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We too have the same issue (24/10/2023). The designer option is not available either.

@SvenJHH - I am having the same issue and use background images daily within my teams channel. When will the option to upload background image be back available for Teams Announcements? 

@LeonPavesic, I appreciate your response. However, 1) this sounds very complicated and 2) I am not seeing any "Background image Create with Designer" button in the new Teams. You know the old saying, if it ain't broke... I wish new features didn't come at the expense of old ones simply disappearing... If you could point out where this Designer feature is supposed to be located, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

There is no designer option

I assume the Designer features you mentioned are part of the "Try the new Teams" options. That slider is greyed out for us due to 'org policy'. Now I am unable to use a simple branded gradient for my internal release notes. I'm very disheartened.  

Same behaviour here.

I noticed the banner image option disappeared this morning. I figured it would be a good opportunity for me to upgrade to the New MS Teams but no luck there either. Very strange design decision to remove functionality that was working perfectly fine.

The AI designer suggestion is nowhere to be seen. But it seems that may only be available with Windows 11? My organization is still on Windows 10.

Please fix this Microsoft.
It doesn't work, it's really incredible that this feature was removed
We have the same issues here. It causes a lot of frustration on end user side as they got used to the background image feature and all of them are using Teams classic.
According to the Message Center the Designer option will come in the future and is not available today (Europe). I do not understand why a working feature was removed before the new capability is in place.
Please bring it back Microsoft.

@LeonPavesic according to 

This release of Custom Backgrounds for Announcement Posts will be rolling out across Microsoft Teams Desktop and Web for Channels 2.0 in English – US markets only. No ETA for other regions outside of US yet.

The designer background doesn't work either. This change impacts the way we communicate and it's disappointing (to say the least) it was removed. Can we please bring it back??



I'm not sure if my organization will give us access to a "co-pilot license". While it does look interesting, I'm hoping they didn't remove functionality that existed before to replace it with a shinier functionality that will require users to pay more money to access.

Sorry. I didn't read it close enough. Looks like they moved that to Teams Premium. :^( I hate when they take functionality away or move it to a higher license requirement. Doesn't look like you have to have Copilot, just that you can get it with either Teams Premium OR Copilot. . . but then again licensing is always the hardest to keep straight.