Anonymous Compliance Hotline

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Is there a way to configure a Teams voicemail box (user, resource, auto attendant, etc.) to accept all callers but not record the caller ID nor the caller's phone number?


The scenario: we have a toll-free Teams number used by staff to leave anonymous compliance related issues for the HR group to address. In its current configuration a voicemail is routed to HR however it contains the caller ID information. Additionally, if the caller's phone number was associated to an account within our AAD, the voicemail message will include the callers AAD information such as name, number, title, etc.


I'm hoping to achieve a voicemail that is routed without any caller ID info nor any associated user info found in AAD. Is this possible?



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Hi @johnjjohn, I don't think so in your case because you are using Microsoft provided phone numbers, when I understand you correctly.

In the case of Direct Routing, it would work because you can configure the SBC to send the call to the Microsoft Teams platform as anonymous.

Thanks for the response, and yes, we are using MS provided numbers and we have no SBC's deployed.