Can multiple users fill out the same form?

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I am looking to create a form that multiple users can fill out:

  1. For commercial purposes, I am seeking to fill out the first two questions of a given form.
  2. I want to then submit those answers and send the form to a third party (with a notification) for them to fill out the remaining questions of the form. 
  3. Finally, I want them to be capable of sending through the remaining answers back to me.

Is the above realizable through Microsoft forms?

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@Rafael91 - the only way you could do this would be to have two different surveys. If you are using Forms Pro, you could then link the two surveys together with variables. Depending on who these people are, and where you have their information stored, you could link this all together and send an email to the 3rd party when the two questions from Survey 1 are complete.


You could then pass through those answers (if this makes sense for the 3rd party person to see them) and display them on Survey 2. The 3rd party person could then respond to the questions, then submit.


You could then have an email sent to you (or whomever needs the results) with all of the responses combined. 


You would need to A) use Forms Pro for the surveys, and B) use Power Automate for the triggers and linking everything together. 

@Megan_V_Walker thank you! This is invaluable information!!! 

@Rafael91 personally I would use a flow in Power Automate to save the form response to a SharePoint list, send the email to the next person with the answers submitted and include a link to the item in the SharePoint list where they can add their own answers. Once they do that another flow would send the email back to you with whatever information you needed from the SharePoint list.


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@RobElliott  -  would you want to give a 3rd party access to your SharePoint list? Although the approach might work for an internal process, it might not be as beneficial where external people need to be involved. 

@Megan_V_Walker  the poster didn't mention whether the 3rd party was internal or external.

@Megan_V_Walker  would you be able to help with the following?


I have two forms set up and have created the initial flow in power automate, but I cant quite figure out the next steps.


Here's what I have:

Step 1 - Trigger: New submission in Form A1

Step 2 - Action: Get response details from Form A1

Step 3 - Action: Send an email to the second person in the process to notify them of the new submission.


At step 3, I cant figure out how to:

(1) Display the data from Form A1 for the second user to review

(2) Send the second user to Form A2 to complete the second part of the form


Sorry if this is an easy question, this is my first time using Forms and Power Automate!



@arg123 : did you figure this out ? I have a similar query.

@Megan_V_Walker  : your expert comments on this please ?

@BloggerSS  @arg123 


You cannot have more than one person complete the same survey response. If a survey response is submitted, that's it, it's complete and cannot be partially completed by two different people.


@arg123 here is what you need.

  1. Form A
  2. Form B
    • This form needs survey variables added to it that you can then use to capture the values from Form A. You can only have 13 variable though (15 including two standard ones, First Name and Last Name
    • You can then use the variables and display them at the top of the survey. This might help to see what I am referring to in showing the variables at the top of the survey:

Then this process:

  1. Form A is shared with whoever needs to complete it. 
  2. A flow in Power Automate that is triggered when Form A is completed and the flow generates a survey invitation for Form B that is sent to someone. As part of the flow, you will need to get the responses from Form A, and then use the values from the responses and put them into the variables in the step where you create the survey invitation.                              

Hi Rob, I like what you are proposing (as I will be using this internally with my team), so how do you suggest this to be implemented? 

Do you have the key flows for me to set this up?

I am brand new to MS365 so learning heaps. 



Hi Rob,

I am new to Power Automate and Forms. I don't have Forms Pro. Would it be possible for you to outline the steps involved in creating 2 (or 3?) forms as you described here so that the following needs are met:

First, a request comes in a Form

It is assigned to someone

That person then fills the rest and saves/emails the Form

All responses are linked to a SP list.


Thank you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just need a clarity on your answer. 

Can 2nd respondent edit the responses made by 1st respondent in the SharePoint file?