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I have a requirement to create a sign-up sheet for an event which comprises several different time slots, and for each slot there is a max of 50 attendees. I have used the Bookings app in the past for event sign-ups, although not with so many attendees. According to this page I can do group bookings by setting the "Maximum number of attendees per event" for a service. However, when I enter any number in the Maximum Attendees field and select "Save", that number is not retained - i.e. when I revisit that Service page, the field is empty, and I am unable to make more than one booking for that Service at any one time. Where am I going wrong?

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Me, too, have the same issue. Maximum number of attendees value not being saved.

@Russ Thomson  I see the option, it lets me set it to something other than 1 and it saves fine, however, it still only allows one person to pick that time slot to book it. Additional participants/customers have to be sent an invitation from the Bookings site owner. What is the possible use case for this?




Hi @Russ Thomson Thanks for posting here. I'm experiencing the same issue too - very annoying! Has anyone contacts Microsoft Support yet in this? Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch as they're rolling it out.

@Russ Thomson I have Office365 Business Premium but don't see this multiple bookings feature. Do you have a different version? From what I read online, this version I have should support multiple booking functionality.

@Laurenceeast  Per this information, the feature is still rolling out and may just not have reached your tenant yet.

@Kreera House  my system has now caught up with yours and I can create a multi person event. However, as you mentioned, the functionality is really restricted. I find myself asking myself the same question. What possible use is this? Have you got any further? My expectation had been to publish an internal training session that staff members could book themselves on to. This was based on the description given:


"Group bookings lets you to set up service appointments where multiple people can join a session with a single staff member. You can use group bookings to schedule conferences, lectures or training sessions with several people at the same time." - Define your Service Offerings in Microsoft Bookings


So far I'm a little underwhelmed :unamused:

@Phil Maynard  my functionality has changed since I made this post - rather than entering a value in the max attendees field and it not saving, the field is now greyed out with a default value of 1. I'll create a ticket with MS. I'm also curious to know, if this worked and I had say 25 attendees, how I would retrieve those 25 names - in the past when I've created a Booking for an event with multiple slots and say 5 attendees max/ slot (using 5x staff members for a service), the attendee names have had to be retrieved from the calendar view, which really is not ideal/ something customers complain about.

@Russ Thomson My functionality also has changed since last week.  Now, when a customer tries to book a session with multiple seats, it works. The link stays available for other customers until all seats are taken. This is much better as it doesn't require the Bookings site owner to add additional customers to the booking.

The challenge for the Bookings site owner is to create the Service for the specific time slot(s) for the training session or whatever it may be so that customers going to the Bookings site only see the appropriate option(s).

Thanks Kreera. I created a support ticket with MS and included a link to this discussion so your feedback is appreciated.

Here's Microsoft's reply to why that advertised feature doesn't work:


MS Support.png

@Russ Thomson - Thanks for this.

@Russ Thomson That doesn't match where it states the feature is in the process of being rolled out, which means it's out of development:

Group bookings

Note: This feature is still rolling out and might not be available in your organization yet. For more info, check out When do I get the newest features in for Office 365?.


@Kreera House Thanks Kreera - my takeaway from this experience is that I can place little value on the information on MS sites. 

@Russ Thomson Actually, in my experience it's that support doesn't always give you the correct answers. The information on the support sites originates typically with the product group, who know best what is what while support technicians aren't always aware of the most current status.


It's also sad that the roadmap isn't updated if it's used as information source.

Hello :) I was just wondering if anyone's got any further on the Group Booking feature? Having taken another look at the Group Bookings information on the Define your service offerings in Microsoft Bookings page, it looks like the group bookings are all handled manually from the bookings calendar rather then a self service page where people can register which is what I was expecting and hoping for. 

Once you've set up the appointment on your calendar, you can add users to the service and send them an email invite.

Has anyone else been able to get the feature to work for them? If so, I'd love to hear how you're making it work for you :)

@Russ Thomson @Kreera House 


@Phil Maynard if you do find out i would love to know as im trying to set up a virtual open day at the college and would like prospective learners to book into a Hair & Beauty live session with staff and pre created videos.

THanks Steve

@Phil MaynardHi Phil - no: I abandoned this route as a potential solution. As of now, the Max Attendees box is greyed out for me.

@Russ Thomson @Phil Maynard - Thats a real shame it would have been great to use it to book the virtual open day slots with prospective learners . Back to the drawing board. Any suggestions just let me know , Big thanks steve

@Phil Maynard  I was able to make this work by creating a new service for the specific event and customizing "Availability" using a combination of the start and end date and custom hours. Then, when anyone picks that service, it will only show the date/time as available until all participant slots have been taken. It's not really intuitive to set up, but with the above tweaking, it worked to set it up as a self-service rather than me having to invite participants.