Outlook stops sending and receiving after being opened for a few hours.

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I've just purchased Office 365 and the Outlook app. seems to be a bit buggy.   I will open it and leave it for a few hours and it will stop sending/receiving.    I then see that there is an error message down at the bottom in the status bar.  The same thing happens if I leave the app open overnight.  Closing it and then reopening it seems to solve the problem but I'd like to fix it permanently.  I don't have the error message handy, but I can post it later today if needed.   Can someone suggest a fix?  Many thanks.

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It sounds like your Outlook is going into Offline mode.

Check out this article to see if it helps: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/switch-from-working-offline-to-online-2460e4a8-16c7-47fc-b2...

Thanks very much for your suggestions.  I'll give them a try and report back.

Here is the error message that appears after a few hours.  It works fine when first opened.Outlook Error.jpg

According to this article, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/813514/error-occurs-when-you-send-or-receive-an-email-messa..., the error you're receiving (0x800ccc0d) might be related to a POP account. I'm not sure if that's really the case for you, but it's not optimal to use POP or IMAP


Thanks for your help Victor.   I'll give that a read.  Tell me something though, if it's not optimal to use pop or imap, what do you suggest as an alternative?


I strongly suggest using the native MS Exchange protocol, named MAPI. In the account setup wizard look for Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.
Victor, I checked your MX records and did not see a server entry under Sympatico.ca that would correspond to the Office 365 service. Did you update your MX records in your DNS zone?
The name servers responsible for the domain Sympatico.ca are not hosted by Microsoft, but by bell.ca. This means that Microsoft is not responsible for updating the DNS records for this domain and they should be updated by the owner of the domain.
Oh, right :). I didn't pay enough attention.

Checking he autodiscover record, this being the one that really matters when creating an Outlook profile, I can see that it points to webmail.owm.bell.net, so he probably doesn't use Office 365 for email, but Bell, although he said that "I've just purchased Office 365". In this case, he probably can't use another protocol but POP or IMAP (preferably)

Considering all this, Victor DiCarlo, why don't you use Office 365 for email? Is there something that Bell offers and Office 365 doesn't?

Well, it seems like sympatico.ca is not Victor's domain:



Thanks guys, but I am using the new Outlook 365 for my email.Outlook email settings.jpg

Outlook 365 it's not a thing. You are mixing Office 365 and Outlook, but in reality you are using the Outlook client to connect to a mailboxes hosted outside of Office 365.



I'd definitely recommend moving yourself off of POP/SMTP and migrating to the best experience with MAPI over HTTP.


As the folks have mentioned in this thread, you'll need to sort out a load of DNS and get autodiscover working correctly to connect to the right OA endpoint.




Thanks very much for the advice, but being a noobie, could you explain in detail how I would do this migration?


First of all, you should add your domain to Office 365 - https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home#/Domains. While running the wizard to add your domain to Office 365, you will be asked make some changes to your DNS records. If these changes are done, then you are only left to configure a new Outlook profile that connects to your Office 365 mailbox and you're done.


Modifying the DNS records for your domain can cause mail flow interruptions, so you might want to have someone that understands this things guiding you.


Just wanted to straighten out a few misunderstandings here (MS you should really differentiate your product naming), there IS such a thing as "Outlook 365", and "Office 365" need not be a cloud service as such. It is also a way to purchase the Office Suite of Applications.


The OP has just purchased Office 365 Home (my best guess) which is an application with very few cloud offerings connected to it. Sadly Exchange online is not a part of it... This is where "Outlook.com Premium" would come into play, as Exchange Online is primarily focused on business customers.

Outlook.com Premium has a VERY easy migration wizard and most people will be able to follow it.


So basically the OP has purchased the latest and greatest Outlook desktop client (which is now branded Outlook 365 if you stay current on your updates) - and is using it with a (sorry to say it) crappy mail provider.

Victor, you need not purchase Outlook.com Premium og Office 365 with Exchang eOnline.. but you should consider it, it is a very good service, and Outlook.com Premium is dirt cheap compared to Exchange online. https://premium.outlook.com/?sl=1#/OfferV3


This thread is in the Microsoft 365 section, so if he bought Microsoft 365, then he has Exchange Online included and he shouldn't buy anything else.

If he doesn't have Microsoft 365, then he should tell us exactly what he has before we can tell him if and why he might want to buy something else.