New user provisioning and M365 Multi-Geo

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We recently purchased multi-geo licenses and also registered 6 different geo locations in SPO and everything appears to be working. We only assign multi-geo licenses to one PDL location users, but we add PDL attribute for all users now but not everyone is licensed for multi-geo. What I started noticing is when new hire accounts are created, their MBX and OneDrive locations are now provisioned at satellite location without assigning multi-geo licenses to those user accounts.


Is this something in error? I know multi-geo license is required for new users and to move existing users OD and mailbox.

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Microsoft does not always enforce licensing requirements in code, so certain functionalities work just fine even without assigning a "required" license. Which of course is not to say you can just use the feature without ensuring sufficient licenses have been procured.
Thanks Vasil.

We just noticed this behavior and there is no way to stop except we stopp populating PDL values to user account in on-prem AD. MS started provisioning OD sites for NH to their PDL locations without a required license.