🏷 How you to secure data in Microsoft 365 with Sensitivity Labels



In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to protect and classify data in Microsoft 365.   

Sensitivity labels allow you to secure data encrypting documents, emails, Microsoft 365 Groups, and SharePoint Sites, especially in those cases where you deal with confidential documents.   

In this tutorial, I walk you through every step to enable, create and configure properly sensitivity labels. 

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Hello Giuliano,
W've a label to secure Sites and Groups with MFA. The conditional access policy is assigned to a group of users. Implementation of the label is based on a mandatory user action: apply label to site/ group.. Sign in frequency 4 hours.. The label is assigned to only one user.
- For now this label is implemented to one site.
- Visiting that site prompts a MFA dialog for users in the group included in the CA
- all other sites are accessible without MFA using a browser
So far OK.
If one of these users tries to open a cloud document located somewhere in M365 using a M365 client app it triggers also the MFA prompt! Accessing the same document via a browser doesn't...
Any thoughts/ solutions how to avoid such prompts when using client apps?