How to synchronize group members via Office 365 Groups across Office 365 Tools?

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As almost all office 365 collaboration tools are backed by Office 365 Group, I assumed whenever a member is added into Office 365 Group, It would be automatically added in other Office 365 connected services/tools, however, it doesn't seem so.


For instance. I have created a Team site, which has created an office 365 group and Microsoft teams team. Then, I have tried to add new members in the office 365 group, however, that user was not added in respective Microsoft Teams team. Is that really true or I am doing something wrong?


If it's true, then does that even happen in other Office 365 tools? How to keep all members of Office 365 synchronized across office 365 tools?


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@Dipti Chhatrapati I would recommend creating the group first in AAD. Then building a team off the group. They do sync but it does take time.


I use Dynamic o365 groups based on userattributes like department etc. and it reasonably quickly syncs up this way.


So group first then team from group and you should be good.

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You are not doing anything wrong, but your expectations are high :) Give it some time, it needs to synchronize the changes between all the workloads. As discussed in numerous other threads here, Groups are "loosely coupled" and updates are handled in a different manner. By default, a synchronous "notification" will be sent to all workloads, however this process is known to fail, and when it does you have to wait for the asynchronous background job to pick up the changes. Which might take a while.

@danensorthat's beside the point, she already stated the order in which she performed the operations; we'll need an infinity gem to go back in time and change that.

Really, man. "the provess is known to fail". Really? That's the answer?