How to display Assistant Name and Phone in M365 User Contact Card

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We populate the Assistant field (msExchAssistantName) in Exchange online with data from PeopleSoft. The Assistant information only is visible when viewing a user card in the Outlook application GAL as it does not show up in the web-based Outlook GAL user card. We also have a custom Assistant Name property in on-prem SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service that is populated with data from PeopleSoft via a custom synchronization. We built a custom user profile page that shows the Assistant info that exists in the SharePoint 2013 Profile Service.


We are currently in the process of moving from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online and want to replicate showing the Assistant Name and Phone information (Sometimes there are multiple assistants), but there does not appear to be an easy way to do this. We cannot recreate the sync between PeopleSoft and the SPO User Profile service as custom connections do not appear possible.


I have seen other posts that the option to show Assistant information was coming in future updates, but those are old posts from a few years ago and the option still is not a. Does anyone know if this is coming soon?


Also, is there a way utilizing Graph to achieve this? Or is there another way to get the Assistant name and phone number to appear in the M365 User Card, whether you are looking at it in Outlook in the web or from hovering over a name/presence indicator in a SharePoint list/library, or possibly in Teams or Yammer?


The other tricky part is that we want to populate this data and set it so the user cannot, specifically in their SPO Account Profile (relies on the Profile Service). Disabling the edit option for that property is easy, but we want to make sure the Assistant info in the User Profile and the Exchange GAL is the same, at least Assistant #1 if there are multiple.

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The preferred process for M365 is via the Graph API's profileCardProperties endpoint:
I've seen that article. Is it possible to call other AD properties, like msExchAssistantName, or is it limited to using the Custom Attributes only?
Afaik only the set of properties listed in the documentation is supported. Moreover, while msExchAssistantName is synced via AAD Connect, it's an Exchange Online property and is not exposed in Azure AD, so Graph has no visibility of it. TL;DR, you'll have to use custom properties that map to its value.
Graph does have visibility into SPO User Profiles, correct? The User Card displays items from the User Delve page, which is populated partially by data from the SPO User Profile for that person.
It shows Birthday, About Me, School, Skills, Interests, etc. once that data is added within the Delve page/SPO User Profile Service. Do you know if there is a way to add more of those items to a User Card?