Error 121003 on relog attempt

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We're using a hybrid environment, so cloud that's connected to a on-premises domain controller.

New rollout, still underway.

One of my users just reported they had to log out from Office on one of his machines (#2), and can't log in again - gets 121003 and a message about password update not being allowed.

I'm on the fence here, because machine I issued them (#1) is a-okay, but he's a "C" and wants to get into his mail from his private device (#2), too. There was no problem with that so far, and most interestingly he is still logged in and works normally from Firefox on #2; the only one balking is Edge on #2.

Somewhere along the way same error was shown when they tried to launch Teams on #2, but I managed to brute-force this - I located cache for Teams app on his work machine (#1) and copied it over the said cache for Teams on his private machine (#2). After a restart, Teams stand-alone launched without any issues.

I resetted Edge, cleaned up, clean booted, still the same.
Sadly, search engines seem to associate Error 121003 with ....solitaire on xbox :)
I am mystified, why would anything "think" user is updating password when they are merely trying to log in with the password they know and use everywhere else? Why wouldn't it work in Edge when it does in Firefox?

By the way, the password is there in the relevant place of Web Credentials, always was.

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@TadeuszKM Were you able to get this problem fixed? I just had a user get the same error message and notification about resetting the password when they tried to log into a site using Office365 active directory.  And yes....the xbox solitaire posts are unhelpful. 

@chaytho Yes, I did manage to solve it by the most effective method: BRUTE FORCE.

I tunneled to the domain controller and reset the password. Then I waited for that to sync up to the cloud. Then, I gave the user new password and asked them to log in again on every device they were using and it worked.


It seems that for environments without 2FA and user-side password change, there may be password expiry even if relevant setting is for passwords to never expire. If that happens, resetting password and having user log in again on their every device is the simpliest solution.

@TadeuszKM   I just solved this error.  It was due to the "user must change password at next login" box checked in their Active Directory account.  Once I unchecked that it worked fine.