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Not sure Why Microsoft will not let you call an engineer anymore when a Service Request is Opened.

Also not sure why they Will not let you add notes to the Tickets.


Very Poor "Feature" they changed.

I'm sure it made since to someone, just not Customers. 


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These changes were announced here, indeed it was quite a shake-up of the previous experience. There are meant to be options for callbacks and call me options 


Quick callbacks - Customers have shared that they want more clarity around when they will be contacted by support and an ability to ensure the call back will come at a convenient time.  In the new experience, we strive to call back you back in 20 minutes or less so that you can get help -- when it's convenient for you -- by clicking on "Let us call you".


Request a call on an existing ticket - If you need immediate help on an ongoing issue, there's no need to create a new ticket and start from scratch simply request a call on the existing case using the "Call me" button and the next available agent will call you back in about 10 minutes.

I can attest that the last 2 support tickets I opened claimed I would be called back within 30 minutes. I know it is just an estimate but the 1st was over 4 hours, and the 2nd was the next day! So an estimate something a little closer to the truth would be appreciated.

In general my experience with support is good, but I agree that the new way of creating service requests is a step back
There is no Call me button "after" the ticket has been opened. When I opened the ticket I added a LOT of notes and screen shots. 2 different engineers I talked to did not look at the notes or screen shots. Only after Opening a Ticket to ask for my ticket to get escalated after 7 days, Then I got a call for the 2nd ticket and ask for a manager to contact me. After he looked at the info I provided he provided a solution that worked. Microsoft needs to allow notes to be added to a ticket. It would be VERY nice to see the Microsoft notes as well. Maybe at least a transcript of the Ticket when it is completed.

My experience was also good but i liked the old way where you got a email when it was a good time to call or ask a question.