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Are there any plans to allow Flows to be initiated from data in Planner or allow the ceation of Planner Plans /  Plan Entities via Flow?

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According to a message posted in the "old" Office 365 network, the team will add Planner support in the future...

Hi Folks,

Random question - I set up a simple Flow test to fire an email if any item in a SP Online list changed.


It works when that happens, but also seems to be running every few minutes and saying its failed - i kind of hoped it would only run on an act

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I have the same with a flow that I created which puts tweets from a specific source in an Excel file on OneDrive. It works as it should but appears to be running on a tim... Read More
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Is it possible to start av Flow with mail comming to a shared mailbox?

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This should be no problem as you can also mail to a external adress 

Is it possible to use lists from different sites in one app?


In my case I have a list on a parent site from wich I try to fetch into my list but I keep getting error.


Thanks in advanced

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How can we restrict the services that are available when creating a flow. For example: We want not Dropbox to appear as a service.





We didn't see anything in the Flow Admin Center.

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A few months ago Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Flow was introduced. DLP allows you to limit the servicces your Flow can interact with. Here's the announcement with infor

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I created a Flow using my  O365 E3 account and it looks it created as a trial plan. Due to it being a trial I get only 750 runs a month as opposed to the 2000 runs/month allowed for the E3 tenant as shown at https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/

 How c

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Unfortunately you can't. You'd have to recreate your flow in the other environment...


See the following URL:


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I am working on a PowerApps application which allows an user to select one or more items from a choice column of SharePoint list. However, the content source seems to be ignoring multi-select checkbox columns may be because not supported in PowerApps.

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New documentation on how to create team Flows. 










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thanks for the great info.

Thanks for sharing!
Nice, but still no impersonation, or organization wide flows. I just want create a workflow for our organization and not have the flow run with my account.



I would like to create a simple email notification flow if a blog entry is created.

We're using "Delve Blog" to publish annoucments, and would like to "monitor" creation of blog post.


I know that Blog post are stored in https://[tenant].sharepoint.com/p

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I think this notification from Flow is not possible, since in Flow we need to create connection for each user to monitor.

We are looking for the same functionality, did you ever figure something out?


Hello, the PowerUsers community is hosting a Flow AMA. Have a specific question about Flow? Ask the product team here: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Flow-Ask-Microsoft-Anything/bd-p/Flow_Ask_Microsoft_Anything



Flow AMA largest.png

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When creating a PowerApp from a SharePoint list using the PowerApps > Create an App from the modern UI, the PowerApps link is automatically added to the list's view dropdown (see image below).  I don't, however, want to use the phone layout so I created a

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One thing you could try is to create a 'dummy' list view so that it shows up in the drop down and then when navigating to that view  have Javascript in a script editor we

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As far as I know if you don't like the phone layout you can change to tablet layout in File>Screen Size & Orientation. Hope this helps.
I want to create a Flow to move a daily updated file from ftp to a SharePoint library, but I can select a ftp folder.
After creating the ftp connection I can only select a folder 'FTP' but not the subfolder where the file is stored.
Do I have to set up a Ga... Read More
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I have installed a Data Gateway for PowerBI.


Will this gateway work with PowerApps too?


It doesn't seem to find the gateway, or I haven't seen how to add an existing one.


Any pointers?

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Thanks everyone! I was able to get Enterprise Data Gateway installed and it is working for PowerApps!

In the PowerBI documentation (link), it is clearly calling out that PowerBI On-premises Data Gateway will work for Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and PowerApps services.



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If I remember well, there is a "universal" gateway that should work for both Power BI and Power Apps. See this: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/connect-to-your-on-premises-data-sources-using-on-premises-data-gateway-from-powerapps/ Read More

Just curious if PowerApps and Flow are Online only though Office 365 or is there an on premises version too?

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Using data gateway you can connect to data sources that are on premises. These data sources can be used in PowerApps and Flow

Online only.