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I'm trying to make sense of this page and need help. If I want to use a "premium connector" in a specific flow (ex. Salesforce.com) - does only the author of the flow need to be on Flow Plan1/2 OR does both the author and every user of that specific flow

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The new Modern UI details pane in SharePoint lets you individually edit individual fields inside of an item (individually).  In SharePoint designer, this can often cause a workflow set up to run when an item is modified prematurely (breaking logic that is

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What Action in Flow would be the equivalent of Set Field in Designer?

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Are there any plans to allow Flows to be initiated from data in Planner or allow the ceation of Planner Plans /  Plan Entities via Flow?

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Finally this integrtion is available now.


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According to a message posted in the "old" Office 365 network, the team will add Planner support in the future...

I wanted to add a 4th argument which is passed into a Flow when a Button is clicked in PowerApps.


However I get an error message:




Is there a limit of 3 arguments that can be passed to a Flow?

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I've created a PowerApp which gathers feedback from a user and adds it to a SharePoint list.


In the PowerApp I have set the sharing:

powerapp sharing.png



A Flow is triggered when a submit button is clicked in the app. The Flow adds the feedback to the SharePoint list.


The Fl

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We used to be able to assign users group to PowerApps environment, but not anymore - we got the error below.  Is there any reason why this is happening?







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I am in the process of learning PowerApps in order to determine if we can replace our Access Web App with it.  The documentation is confusing and the places to get help seems to be spread out all over the place.  It's frustrating. 


I am trying to produce

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I would like to trigger Microsoft Flow action in a document library based on a document's metadata.  The metadata (fields) don't appear under the selection.


How do you define a condition based on a document's metadata?


@Merwan Hade, @Mike Platvoet

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When can we expect this feature?

Our scenario is we want to create pages with specific content type On-Premise/Online.

We call a trigger to create Yammer post for it. Since

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Sort of related..in a list flow I can set values to custom fields, but for doc libs, those fields were not available. Is this is known gap?
The Flow will fire on every item, but you can branch the Flow conditionally - the actions should have access to the metadata. THerefor, flow starts and the first action b... Read More

Microsoft flow will retrive the item based on the list/document library choosen by you. It is matter of which action/condition you are trying.


2016-08-13 16_19_11-Manage - Microsoft Flow.png










If it is not liste

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Is there any reference documentation for how to use Flow?  I've seen lots of videos, but no real reference documentation.


For example, there is an Excel Insert Row task which takes a Spreadsheet and a Worksheet name.  I couldn't initially understand how t

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All Flow documentation can be found in the Microsoft Flow site: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/. Here you will find:
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I have a flow which copies Email content (Body) into a SharePoint list field (multiple lines text).

The content gets copied with html tags. 

How can i remove the html tags?


The content below was a simple "Test 6" in the email body which then was copied with

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One approach is to create a custom flow action which parses the HTML for you in order to grab the text. Or store the full e-mail as a .msg file in a doc lib - as SPO now ... Read More
Does setting the multiple lines of text field to "plain text" in SharePoint help?

I have a flow which retrieves list items from a SharePoint list by passing a odata filter query (for eg Status eq 'Draft'). Is there a way to identify the count of the retrieved items and then use it in the next step ? I see that the correct values are be

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yes. if the SharePoint action you are using is Get Items, let's say you name it "GetMyItems", you can store the following Logic App (WDL) code @length(body('GetMyItems')?

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As the title explains is there any reason why this should happen. My account has the proper licencing and PowerApps is enabled. My list is a modern one but no button.

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I am seeing this in my Tenant as well. We actually have a handful of people that went to SharePoint Satruday this weekend and are trying to test out PowerApps but nobody

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Is it happening only in that list or also in other ones living in the same site?

When attempting to use Flow I continue to receive the following error if my site URL is



Could not retrieve values. {"error_description":"Exception of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.AudienceUriVal

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I'm having the same issue on the similarly named sites. The problem is that PowerApps and Flow do not work on old/legacy BPOS (Business Productivity Online Service

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Hi, I wanted to share two blog posts where I got PowerApps' Camera to upload pictures to SharePoint correctly.


The first is with Azure Functions where I wrote a helper.



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