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I gave Flow and Azure Event Grid a spin this morning:


1. Created Event Grid

2. Was able to publish events via Flow to Event Grid Topic.

3. Was unable to trigger Flow from Event Grid - any attempt to set up the trigger results in a 


"id": "/subscriptions/443
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Sorry, I had a ticket with Azure team since Event Grid was a new product and they needed to see the debug reports, and the problem was identified and resolved a few days ... Read More

Hi everyone,



As of today, you will be able to set the values of your managed metadata columns (sometimes also called taxonomy columns) in PowerApps (for both multi-value and single value) and in Flow (single value for now, but multi-value coming soon.

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could you please let me know the best practice for sending email templates with images using flow.


I tried converting the images in to codes and it works fine with html file.


however sent from email steps body it does not show up in the email



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The default email id for Mail action in flow sends email with from: Microsoft PowerApps and Flow <microsoft@powerapps.com> can this be changed to  a organisations email id customised.




Also, the email contains footer:


If you'd like to unsubscribe and sto

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If I'm not mistaken, it's not possible to change default e-mails used by Office 365 services
Best Response confirmed by Paul Keijzers (MVP)

I have created a list with title and choice column called status with values(inProgress, Done, OnHold)


I want to send email to a specific users as soon as for a given item created/modified the status is Done.


How do i achieve that with a flow.

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In Flow you can add conditions and check a value coming from a previos action so you can decide which branch in the Flow has to be executed

When will PowerApps Forms for SharePoint roll out to first release tenants? At Ignite it was announce that it would start early October but now it is November and I haven't heard of any first release tenants getting the update.

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It has arrived in my first release test tenant. Excited to start playing around it.

From: Ankit Saraf [MSFT]


We ran into issues and have been fixing them to get this released as soon as we can. Hopefully over the next month we will be able to release it.

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There’s quite a long list of deliverables due in 2017. I too was expecting a few more to have rolled out to First Release by now. 

I am having trouble creating a flow from a list on my root site.  Flow doesn't seem to find the lists within the root site (it does when I put in other 'fuller' site collection URLs).

Has anyone else done this?

What else can I put in other than "https://<te

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Some lists do not out of the box show up in the pick list 'List Name'. You can still use them in Flow, but you have to choose the option 'Enter custom value' and than typ

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I have the same problem as Paul Trower, could this be due to something missing in the configuration?


Ella G

have not seen a issue with this it should work..

Not seeing this problem...I have just created a Flow on a list in my SPO root sites with no problems



This are some of the main concerns on Flow that I would to get addressed:


  • From what I’ve seen, in the SharePoint related flows, using the When a file is created event, there is no way to add a condition based on a document’s metadata. Am I missing
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I also am looking for more control over creating, selecting files. For example a file exists would be nice. 

Any update on this? Especially updating File properties?

I'm also very intersted in these features and was wondering if there are any updates?


Thanks for the initial question Miguel!


I am also very interested in this and am surprised that it does not have a higher priority. I'd settle for just having read access to the meta-data if the other things ar... Read More

Hi Everyone... Im hoping this is a very easily solution.


Building a Power App and i have a Template Gallery Display List on a screen which defaults to show the Created as Ascending. Is it possible to have the default view to be descending?


I have added a

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Hoping this is easy. I get some SharePoint items using "Get Items", I then Filter that array based upon an ID in the last using "Filter Array." All good up to there. I then want to "Create HTML Table" based upon the filtered Array, but I cannot fi

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We used to be able to assign users group to PowerApps environment, but not anymore - we got the error below.  Is there any reason why this is happening?







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We are having the same issue. It seems Office 365 groups are no longer available in PowerApps for sharing. Indeed we get the error: xxxx isn't in your organization's dire

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We were inspecting MS Flow for integration custom approval process based on interaction with LOB web services. However, when trying to change its OOB _ModerationStatus field with SharePoint - Update item action, we have noticied that it is not available a

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Even I am facing the same issue in the pages library I am not able to fetch the Page Content (All the Publishing HTML) type of columns.


Would appreciate any quick comment

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Is there a way to email a SharePoint Group from a Flow? (not an O365 Group, not an AD group, but a legit SharePoint group)


Or do I have to define and maintain an actual Distribution Group for flow to send to?

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I can suggest a work around, have a sharepoint group assigned to a people/group field and have that field configured in the flow so it can send emails to all the users.

Your group should have an email assigned to it like GROUPNAME@groups.yourorg.com to which you can send any normal email through your outlook connector

I'm also looking for this... this is a major step back for one of our projects.

Can anyone comment on this?

In our SP2010 environment, we have an "application" that allows users to self-register for trainings and workshops. This works by having two lists: (1) the "Sessions" list and (2) the "Signups" list.


The Sessions list contains each scheduled workshop or t

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There is a video on how to use REST API in Flow to set permissions within SPO


One way to do it shown here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-vvlPXv8rc Original source is

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@cvkealey - Back to your original question there are two types of flows: 

1. Flows that run in background in response to events, like an item being added to SharePoint li

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I'm having the same dilemma, I also want to be able to have emails sent from Flow to come from the site and not from me, but it keeps saying I can't do that.

@Stephen Siciliano can you help here? I'm also very interested on having official answer from the team

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I have not seen any support for the impersonate or update-list-row permissions.


The other problem I've found is owner stickiness. I create a flow as userX and then share

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In the Flow FAQ it states:


Can I share the flows I create?

You can share flows in either of these ways:

  • You can add co-workers or groups in your organization as owners on your flows, so they can also edit and manage the flow.
  • For flows that can be run manua
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Is there any guidance on how to use Flow to manage document lifecycle with published versions with multiple approvals? This would require the option to trigger the flow from the drop down for a document in the document library. Flow on approval would set

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Re: set a major version and publish it:

I believe that flow can not select and act on system intenal fileds, so this is not available at this time.


Re: trigger a flow from

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Hi Jeremy, I will do my best to get you an answer to this question. :-)

Like to set up a simple approval workflow and we are using SPO. Is it mandatory for the users need to have Office 365 Outlook in order to set the Microsoft Flow? 

The users are currently using Outlook 2010/2013 as their email client. 

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It is not mandatory, but they may need to be a licensed user of Flow depending on the function that you are setting up. 


You would not currently be able to setup a Flow i

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Best Response confirmed by Deenadayalan V (Occasional Contributor)


I'm an O365 Global Admin, my account also has an E3 licence which has Flow for Office 365 as a plan.


When I log into Flow I can see Admin Center in the Cog, I go to the admin center and I see Data Policies, Data Integration, Tenant - User Licences and Q

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I've had that happen to my Global Admin Account. To fix I had to subscribe to Plan 2 to see the Environment section. See if you can register for a free Plan 2. IMO I thin... Read More

that sounds like a bug 

Can you use the PowerApps data gateway to connect to a view in a SQL database? From the testing I have done it appears you can only connect to tables.

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I think this is a fair question, and I would really appreciate an answer to it!


What is the ETA for on-premise gateway connections to SQL Server making connections

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I'm building a PowerApp that is connected to a library and a list. I've successfully associated the content in the library and list with a Project ID so that I can display project specific list data along with library attachments based on the ID. My List

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Should changing the language of the flow environment also change language of the actions?
When I change my environment to german the Approvals or E-Mail-Approvals action still sends out english messages (for example “Request for your input”). How can I con

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Cloud anybody from the product team please confirm, if its true that flow actions (Approval or E-Mail-Approval) only send out english messages?


And if yes, is there a tim

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Hi - Is there a difference between Flow's created from the link on the Modern SharePoint list vs. the Flows I create by navigating to flow.microsoft.com?  

Thanks - Greg


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No, in both cases Flows are managed in the same Flow environment

We do not have preview features enabled in our production environment but have it turned on for our test environment. In the test environment we can see the flow option in lists and libraries and powerapps for lists. We do not see that for the production

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hi ,

i created a powerapps to let users view tasks in a sharepoint site. i just us d the tooling to have the app generated automagically for me. how to i configure the 'landing' page to only show items assigned to the user?



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Give it a shot with something like this... for a Gallery 


ShowColumns(Filter(Complaints,User().Email=AssignedToTxt), "Store","PowerappsCompStatus","Complaint_x0020_Source

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Is there not a view defined behind the presentation in the PowerApps?
If there is, can you not filter on Assigned To equal [Me]?
Kind regards, John

Hi community,


i want to copy new files from all my group files  ( Modern sharepoint team site) to a diffrent Sharepoint site. So i need a flow to do this. I'm not so familiar with flow. I checked this flow to copy from site to site.



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