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This are some of the main concerns on Flow that I would to get addressed:


  • From what I’ve seen, in the SharePoint related flows, using the When a file is created event, there is no way to add a condition based on a document’s metadata. Am I missing
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I am also very interested in this and am surprised that it does not have a higher priority. I'd settle for just having read access to the meta-data if the other things ar... Read More

I cannot create a new app, when I click on the link in the SharePoint list, it just spins, The same thing happens in 2 different lists in the browser as well as the desktop client. Is anyone else having this type of problem today?

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I was able to get this working by adding https://login.microsoft.com to the Trusted Site zone in IE 11 Read More

I created a PowerApp from SPO List in one environment, after moving the app to another environment, the link to launch the app from the All Items menu  on SPO list toolbar is broken. How do we fix that link or add a new one to point to the new environment

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I am trying to make this date recieved field visible if the checkbox is checked and not visible is the checkbox not is checked. Can't really get it to work. Any suggestions ?



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In the OnVisible property of your screen, create a Context Variable and set it's value to false.

 UpdateContext({cVisible: false})


Then set the calandar controls Visibl

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Is it possible to insert a link in the email body to edit the current SharePoint list item in a flow email ?

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Hi Ian Moran! There is no direct way at the moment, but you could craft your own link by using the ItemId. Make sure the mail is using HTML and then add something like th

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@Chris McNulty was interviewed by @Jeremy Thake on a recent podcast, this should be of interest to anyone that wants to learn more about PowerApps and Flow, check it out at https://blog.hyperfish.com/the-future-of-forms-and-workflow-in-sharepoint-w-microsofts-chris-mcnulty-hyperfish-podcast-81717b44ec3c#.d7bast565

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Thanks for the shout out Dean. Been pushing these out weekly and taking advantage of having the folks in Redmond in my backyard.

I would like to trigger Microsoft Flow action in a document library based on a document's metadata.  The metadata (fields) don't appear under the selection.


How do you define a condition based on a document's metadata?


@Merwan Hade, @Mike Platvoet

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Sort of related..in a list flow I can set values to custom fields, but for doc libs, those fields were not available. Is this is known gap?
The Flow will fire on every item, but you can branch the Flow conditionally - the actions should have access to the metadata. THerefor, flow starts and the first action b... Read More

Microsoft flow will retrive the item based on the list/document library choosen by you. It is matter of which action/condition you are trying.


2016-08-13 16_19_11-Manage - Microsoft Flow.png










If it is not liste

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I was wondering if you can use the HTTP REST step in Flow to create an Office 365 group? The Office 365 REST method is available but I'm not sure how to incoporate the authentication/bearer token. Is this possible yet in Flow?







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You can call a custom API from flow. I have a series of articles discussing Flow integration. (The piece you want is still being written, but I will publish that th

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@bart vermeersch - I am able to update list item value through SharePoint REST API using bearer token authentication. I haven't tried with OOB authentication mechanism.



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Hi Bart this is not possible at this time.
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Hi all,


If you've tried to create a PowerApp that filters or searches on a choice field in a SharePoint list, you may have found that it doesn't work. This is because today, PowerApps expects the filtered/searched fields to be text fields.

I found a simple

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Using the web editor I can't display a SharePoint Choice column on the browse screen.

I used the Calculated Column trick and it worked. 

And technically the CHOICE field IS

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Works great , thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this tip.  It saved me some headache!

Can PowerApps write the value back to the Choice Field at all?

thanks for Shareing!

Just started playing around with flow, I called into a Intro workshop yesterday, and I'm interested in trying this for a project I'm working on. We're currently using SP Designer workflow, and there are some features of Flow that I think might work better

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You could use multiple conditions in your Flow (the first one after the manager approval and the second one after the software request team approval). After that create m... Read More

What about taking picture with powerapps and save it in a Document Librarie in sharepoint? is this actually not possible

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As announced today on the blog, we are making two strong additions to the integration of Flow with SharePoint:

·       Announcing Microsoft Flow Integration to SharePoint modern document libraries

·       Flow on demand for SharePoint list items and documents

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I have a question, very likely a silly one as I have started dabbling with Flow. I am using this public flow template to copy my Outlook / Office 365 contacts to Google contacts, and it seems to work fine. However, I don't seem to be able to get a way

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I am making an app using PowerApps and Flow. The app is simple, it is a Leave Request being made through app and an approval email is sent to the manager using a workflow made on Microsoft Flow. But that Flow is taking too long to trigger in 3rd step. It

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Hello, does we have a plan for offline capabilities in PowerApps? I have a customer that requires that since their users will be in places without Wifi or connectivity.





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It is "Under Review", see https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/PowerApps-Ideas/Offline-mode/idi-p/825/page/6#comments.

I personally have no idea why this was not near the t... Read More