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We have had to block both Bing and Yahoo search as some of our students have figured out a away to avoid safe search and have been accessing porn and other sites that they should not be visiting. This has made life difficult for my students who are regula

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We had Microsoft help set up our Bing in the Classroom a couple of years ago. One of the best decisions we made. It cuts out the inappropriate thumbnails as well as forci... Read More
I recommend implementing Bing Classroom. http://www.bing.com/classroom/ad-free-experience. In addition to no ads, safe search is on. See the setup instructions http://www.bing.com/classroom/about-us#faq... Read More

Our school needs to decide whether or not to progress with Teams as a viable alternative to Classroom, or to fall back on Teacher Dashboard.


Our main concern (especially since the announcement of abondoning Classroom) is that features such as class notebo

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Fully agree with this question. Surprised about abandoning Classroom, thats the way we tried to walk the last few months. Can anyone confirm this information,

Looping  @Mike Tholfsen

Very important questions that out school needs answering in order for us to make a decision on what we roll out to staff in the next couple of weeks.


1. Will a new permission group/controls be set up for students? 

2. Will students be able to remove themse

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With the announcement of availability of Microsoft HoloLens in 6 additional countries, what do you see the practical application of this device in Education?



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I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland University College finishing my final degree capstone project in Distance Education.  I am contemplating fo

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There are so many parts of education that it could fit in and become useful.

Our computer science students loved the experience and were eager to get coding with it.



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We were able to obtain a device and I did some demo workshops with the device on a Dutch Highschool (Higher Education). A lot of options come to mind such as practice tes... Read More

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We believe that education unlocks potential and that technology can play a decisive role in helping the students of today create the world of tomorr

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Wanted to cross post a blog we just published about Excel and Micro:Bit and how it can be used for education. 




Hope you like it. 

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I am sure that this has been covered already by I need to know how I can limit my younger users to a small selection of the Apps whilst they gain confidence in using O365. Items such as Team, Project, Planner are too much for the younger user. I would rat

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How it is done for us is there is a licensing script that runs and adds the O365 license than removes some app licenses as desired.



I am much interested in Masters Degree in Cloud, however I see that different universities offer different study content. I found the below content affordable but I would like to know if it has the necessary elements of Cloud and sufficient to find an

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We hope you join our 'Ask Microsoft Anything' AMA!


The AMA is happening now, Thursday, April 13, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT in the Office 365 Groups AMA space. Add the event to your calendar and view in your timezone here.  


An AMA is a live

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I wonder if anyone can shed light on this scenario for the use of PLC groups?


In South Africa schools are required to be part of clusters. The Grade 12 teachers of these schools are part of subject clusters. Usually there is one teacher per school belongi

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Sorry for such a late reply: I wonder if there is one tenant for all the schools that you mention or do all of these schools have there own O365 tenants? In the first cas

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I would like to know if there are any plans by Microsoft to bring back video editing in the OS in some form or fashion.  We are buying Macs just to create movies. It seems to me this would be a simple and realtively easy investment for Microsoft to make.


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I want to support this request very much. A creators update focusing on 3D objects and having nothing for picture and video editing is not recognizing that there are very... Read More

We install Microsoft MovieMaker on all our student Windows 10 tablets . Works just fine for what we do. It is still part of the Windows Essentials Suite. We just choose a

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Completely agree, in our case Adobe premiere is complete overkill for younger students on Windows or OSX

Has anyone found a way to disable creation of PLC Groups? I want users to be able normal groups, not PLC Groups but it seems only possible to switch of groups creation for all types of groups (MailboxpPolicy).


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Microsoft, any answer? 

We just featured a career profile of MVP @James van den Berg who focuses on Azure, Windows Server and many other technologies in the Education space.  If you're interested on his take on what a successful career in the cloud looks like, read the post in t

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I recently gave a presentation at the Training Conference 2017 in San Diego on the use of various devices that could be used for learning and development. I showcased the HoloLens and Daqri helmets to illustrate the delivery of training to manufacturing e

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