Feature Request: Colorful Binder Tabs like Bookmarks.

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You see, many of you Microsoft coders are foreigners, so allow me to first explain to you the concept of binder tabs.


In America, we have things called binders, people use them in school and offices to keep documents organized. Within the binders are something called tabs, or dividers. These 'binder tabs' are colorful and are used for labeling purposes. It looks like these:




They are used in the sense of bookmarks if you will, for the purpose of organization.


As of now, here's what Word's bookmarks look like: 

Tabs like Binder.png


The current bookmark toolbox is to the right of the document, It's small, it's bland, it's non-colorful. It looks boring.


What I want done is what's to the left of the document, the arrow things, I want colorful tabs/bookmarks similar to binders. These should be floating so regardless of what page I am on, I can always click the arrow to go to the specified designated location with ease. So bookmarks/tabs that follow me up and down the word doc. This will make it similar to binders and their tab dividers.


It looks better than the current bookmarks toolbox mechanism and much easier to use. 


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Do you know Onenote? It has that feature.
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Thanks for the OneNote mention, just checked and you were right, OneNote does have that feature. Would gladly love the same for Word as its more popularly used, by myself.