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Hi All,


I made a little document with MS Word, that you can find as attachment to this post. This document contains a Table of Contents, two Chapters (1 and 2) and three Appendices (A, B and C). The pages numbering seems to be ok, as I wanted. But, if you see the Navigation Pane, the three Appendices are located under the 2.2 Paragraph. The Appendices should be positioned at the end of the document, at the same level of Chapters. Furthermore, they don't show in the Table of Contents, like it is supposed to be. Could you help me to fix these problems ?


Thank you in advance!

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Hello @centrophoridae ,

this is very easy: you've created the Appendices with Heading 4 style. 

You use Heading 1 (Capitolo), Heading 2 (Paragrafo), Heading 4 (App) styles.

These are linear in levels - each level is lower than the previous one. 

If you want to have them on different level, you need to use a different style, or create your own which will have its Outline level the way you want it.

The reason they don't show in ToC is that by default, should you accept the default, it shows only first three levels. Your appendices are the 4th level. You need to mark that level to be shown too.


To review how to improve your document, please refer to many good web articles that explain how to work with styles, in-build styles, outline levels. 


If you are worrying about the Navigation panel - each time you add a chapter or a heading, they will show before your appendices, since you keep your appendices at the end of your document. 

Thank you very much!



You can make use of other styles that have the appropriate outline levels defined.


However, there are good reasons for using the built-in headings in Word. In spite of the disadvantage with the display in the Navigation pane, you still may want to use previously un-used heading levels. See