Windows 11 Explorer: can't order quick access items in the left pane

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I can't reorder the quick access items in the right pane of the windows explorer through drag and drop. It's weird, because if i drag and drop one of them to the top, it works, but if i want to place an item in the middle of the list it doesn't work.




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@skkmom3 yes, I did the same. Thank you for sharing that work around!

Same problem still exists with Windows 11 Pro 22H2!!

Have you tried unselecting show all folders in folder options? This moves the quick access folders in your navigation pane to a lower level. Scroll until you find them. Then try re-ordering. If this works, re-select show all folders, and quick access will go back to the top in your navigation pane, in the order you changed them to.


Go to "Folder Options" and under "Navigation pane" Just tick one of those options! hit Ok, reorder and then go back and untick. That's it :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@AliWayne   Did work!

Did work!

Not working. ... > Options > View > Navigation Pane > uncheck Show All Folders
Still cannot manually sort. :(
Windows 11 Pro Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621

@GeekForLife @GeekForLife, please have a look at this important piece of skkmom3:


This hack did re-order the folders in my navigation pane.  It placed the quick access folders below my One Drive Folders, and created a line separating the two.  This was a little annoying, but I have adjusted, and it is worth the visual change in order to be able to reorder the quick access folders.


You should get a new area in the left side navigation pane and have to scroll down to see that new area which you can sort. After sorting in that area you can check "Show All Folders" again and should see the sorted quick links at the top of the navigation pane. Hope that helps.

@EinmalIM Thank you! I didn't realize this shows in the left pane. Thanks for point that out! That worked!

@njerisanyu Thank you thank you thank you. I was going crazy!

I want to kiss you and buy you a coffee @njerisanyu!
Thanks for this

Have a wonderful day
Agree with all that it's ridiculous that this important function stopped working. Thanks @njerisanyu for the work around by unselecting "show all folders". It worked.

MS, please fix this. By the way, it still works in Windows 10.
Thank you for the time you spent on this "solution", you made my day.

@njerisanyuThank you, thank you, thank you! This was driving me crazy.

@njerisanyu  Thank You! Thank You! Thanbk You! The hack worked. I am very reliant on quick access and you put my productivity back on track.

windows 11 is not ready for prime time.  It's the little things that make a difference.  Such as requiring users to fiddle with reg-edit.exe file in order to change the task bar height.  Ridiculous.  Not to mention the highly annoying Edge Auto-launch and auto-pop up features that literally can be turned off because it's so embedded in the code it's like watching TV.  The user has no choice in turn off the commercials and has to suffer through them.  I want my control back over my devices and subscriptions.   I really want to uninstall win11 and go back to win10.  I feel like they did not put the user experience first but instead put marketing and advertising ahead of the user experience.  Win 11 is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME AND DEFINITELY NOT READY FOR CORPORATE DEPLOYMENT.


@Thanks so much.  This was frustrating the heck outta me.  Turning of 'Show all folders' worked for me (via Options/View/Navigation pane/Show all folders).

Turned it off to rearrange my Pins and then turned it back on again.

VERY nice workaround! THANK YOU!!
Now, if we could only get rid of the annoying new file structure above the Quick Access list
(Desktop, Documents, Home) like it was before!
Every time I click a link and return to the Quick Access list,
I have to (remember and) do an extra click (to close Documents) to see the list again.
It seemed not to work for me, because I was trying to re-order the main icon levels - we have a add-in that adds another node at the top, before Home. Wanted to be able to change at this level: Konnekt, Home, This PC, Network; to put Home above Konnekt. Anyway, once I understood that the scope that I could re-order icons was within Home only, then it worked as @njerisanyu said.