Gaming/Mouse problems on Windows 11

Copper Contributor

I'm having a unique issue I've never had prior to windows 11. When I try to play games I can't pan my camera in game. To clarify on screen I can't turn/look or alter my character's view in any way. I've attempted to update mouse drivers. I can access games and begin to play them and use my mouse cursor in the menu and everything but once I physically load into the game beyond the menu moving my mouse is pointless. I can pause the game and from the pause menu I can still actively move my mouse cursor. I've tried 3 mice and have the issue on 2 separate games. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the games and done lots of attempts at error correction but nothing has worked. The reason I suspect it is Windows 11 specific is it only became a problem on Windows 11 and when I left click in game, I get a sound effect for a Windows related error.

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