What is the best approach to store additional property for a term set and show it inside lists

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We have a term set named Customer, which is been used inside lists and libraries on multiple site collections inside our SharePoint online tenant.

Here is an example of the term set:-




And here is one list which uses the above term set inside a managed metadata column named "Contact Customer Name":-




Now we got a new request/requirement to store additional info about the Customer terms named "Address", and when selecting the Customer Name, we need to automatically populates the Address property inside the list. so in the above example, if the user select customer named let say ABC , then its Address should be automatically populated inside the "Contact Address" field, and changing this address later on for the customer, should get reflected inside the related fields. now i know that i can create the Customer as a lookup list and store the additional properties, but we chose to go with creating the customer as a Term set, as we will be referencing this customer on multiple site collections.. so any advice how we can achieve our requirement of having a property named Address for our customer term set, and automatically populate the Address inside the lists/libraries' Contact Address field?




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