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In my SharePoint site i work with several lists where I store basic data were always some date and time columns are used. I checked al the time settings after reading a lot of topics about this topic. All my settings which I found are set to regional time zone but SharePoint keeps using the pacific time zone. It drives me crazy because all data stored in SharePoint are always 9 hours out of sync when I work with the data in PowerApps, Power BI Excel and automate. Really annoying......
Is there a change that we can become a robust time zone settings in SharePoint? Is it on a roadmap?? 
Or do we have solutions which I didn't find until now. 


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@Steven van der Bles 

I am having similar issue.

Let me knokw if you found the answer to this.

Thank you!

@rdfwt If it's the same problem I have been having, I believe it is due to the GA release of "Microsoft Lists: offline mode". I found that recently some people noticed a list datetime column was reporting the "wrong" date/time. Checking all the regional settings in the list, site, onedrive, office365 and on the local machine all reported the correct timezone but the list just wouldn't render it correctly. I found that clearing the cache and cookies for the browser made it appear correctly the first time you browsed to the list but from then on, the "This list is in sync" tick would appear next to the name and the wrong timezone would be applied. 


I haven't found a way to keep the feature enabled and fix the datetime columns so I resulted to disabling Offline Client Availability on the list with the problem, rather than the whole site. Go to List Settings > Advanced Settings and set Offline Client Availability to "No".

Two years later--still experiencing this issue...

In my case, I have a very simple SharePoint list with three columns, "Title", "Start Date", and "End Date". While I sit in Central Time, the team was created in Eastern Time. So, when I create an event from Nov 11 to Nov 12, it shows on my calendar as Nov 10 11PM - Nov 11 11PM, which, while technically correct, is not helpful for such a simple application. If anyone has experience with this, I would love their help.
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@CK6218 you are completely incorrect. The new Microsoft Feedback Portal which replaced UserVoice has been live for a year and is here. All the suggestions from the UserVoice sites were moved across to the new platform.


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What i always had to do is convert the Created times into my specific timezone in Excel or Power BI.. annoying yes... Unless there is already a fix by now which I'm not yet aware of.

I am having the same problem. I am trying to learn how to convert an excel sheet to list to calendar view. The excel file I will eventually be using (which is updated daily) gave me problems when I tried to create a list from it so I decided to start with a very simple excel file to see if I could actually perform this process. That worked fine, except the times in the excel file (I'm in US central) change to US Pacific time when the list is created. Sharepoint regional time is set to US Central. Excel has no date/time format which includes time zone. I'm not worried about people creating events, ultimately I will be copying the excel file from email attachment daily (automating that is a distant dream right now). Not using Power BI or automated workflows or anything. 

@Steven van der Bles , I was facing the same issue. It turned out that the cause of the issue is the regional settings for your sharepoint site. If you have access to admin rights on the site, you can set up the correct timezone for the entire site.


Under Site Settings, navigate to regional Settings and fix as appropriate.