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Hi there!!

I am in the process of discussing SharePoint site features which will be input for a potential Template. Since my client is very not technical, I am looking for a list of all configurable SharePoint settings that I could use as input for my discussion. Where could I potentially find something like this? It would be nice to also know which features/settings can be copied during template cloning and which ones cannot. 

Looking forward to your responses!!

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So any feature and modifications CAN be copied if done correctly, you can basicly create a template that is exactly like a template site..
The question is what you want to copy and why, as well as which method you want to use! Can you give us more information?

That is a valid question @NicolasKheirallah. The site is set up according to compliance needs and has more or less the following features:


  • Library setting adjustments, such as custom columns and custom views and settings like disabling offline downloading; 
  • Custom permissions: The SharePoint admin role is the only site owner/admin, as permissions will be managed using Azure Access Packages.
  • A visual element is a custom banner, also visible within the document libraries. 
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Sorry for late reply, so all of this is possuble using the built in Site Templates.

So my recommendation is to create a template based on that site using Site design and applying that when the site is created. Any feature not supported by the template can be trigged by flow to activate via an azure function:

This way you can use the built in template/provisoning engine that built in to sharepoint without building a custom one with PnP