Sharepoint online move/copy to functions disappeared

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We recently made changes to folder/doc/etc. locations on our Sharepoint without a problem. However, when I went to make a change today, the "copy to" and "move" options have disappeared. This occurred with site owner permissions and accessing via Sharepoint Online. The options do not appear at any level of the Sharepoint. Any ideas on how/why this happened and how to fix it?

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Hi @tharvey  - We noticed the same thing when the move/copy features were first rolled out and I think it was related to the customer script setting in the admin center. We had to check this box: " Prevent users from running custom script":

The custom script setting the SharePoint Online admin centerThe custom script setting the SharePoint Online admin center

I had almost the same scenario, only thing it was not present in Classic view, and got confirmation that it is built like that, not sure if you are also looking at classic view ?

@Sai Gutta We're working with the modern version so I don't think that's the problem as it was working before. Thanks anyways!

@tharvey I had this problem, where move functions disappeared for a sharepoint site originally created from Teams, and I had to swap to classic view for that site to allow me to access the move function again.

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@tharvey I had a user call with the same issue this morning. After doing a little digging, I realized she was trying to move documents in a Document Library web part, instead of within the Document Library itself. Switching over to the actual Document Library brought back to Move/Copy buttons.

Thanks @Sam_311 I confirm that this works for me.

@Sam_311 This also worked for us. Thanks for your help.

@Sam_311 thank you, your comment helped me identify the root issue as well.

Two years from the last comment and this was still the answer. Thanks Sam! @Sam_311 

What does this mean? What does it mean to be in the document library "web part" instead of the document library itself? How to I get to the document library?

@madalayne some how I got the options to appear when I clicked See All

Great was taking me forever to resolve this, but it now seems obvious hahahaha