SharePoint Online architecture - Best practice

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I am curious to read about what other thinks is best practice for setting up SharePoint Online architecture. This is a very big topic and feel free to jump in and give your thoughts!

  1. Communication site as the root site, configured to be a Hub site and Home site.
  2. Configure rule to set the URL for team sites as "/teams/<team site> and for communication sites "/sites/<communication site>
  3. For each department (try to land at a core of 8 areas), have 1 communication site as a landing page (everyone should have access to these sites). Also include 1 Team site for managing documents and content that is area specific (only those working in that specific area has access).
  4. Connect each team site with MS Teams and configure the channels (public/private) and folders accordingly.
  5. In the top navigation (hub-site navigation), show the com sites, with team site as sub link, and a link to the documents related to the team site in a similar sub link.
  6. Set content owner for each area. The content owner creates public news in the communication site and private news in the team site. All sites are connected to the hub and by visiting the home site, news and documents will be shown depending on permissions.
  7. Unique Hub site structure for external access, project hub or something similar.

What are your thoughts? Is there something I should reconsider or have forgot to mention? 
This could perhaps become a discussion that can help many people reflect about their ongoing migration or just 

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