Sharepoint logo not changing

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Hey everyone,


Like many other users, I can't seem to change the logo on my SPO site.


I created this site via Team -> go to Sharepoint site.


I've tried the many solutions:

  • change the look
  • change logo in site information
  • replaced logo file with __siteIcon__.png in site assets, gets automatically re-written by system


I get this error when I try to upload the picture via site information. Does anyone recognize how to adjust this setting?



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Hello @MitchMicro2020 

Try to change the site theme, close the tab or browser, then open SharePoint site go to Site information and change the logo.

This resolved my issue.



Hi @Alireza Rahimifarid,


I've had no success, since the creation of the group, changing the logo while changing the theme as well.


Thanks for the reply!



@MitchMicro2020 take a look at


"Make sure the O365 group property "HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled" is not set to True. Exchange or Global administrators should use Set-UnifiedGroup to set HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled to False."


Teams for example sets this to True by default on sites created thru teams 

@Bruno Aleixo Thanks for the reply! I'll give this a try and let you know if it works.



This sounds like you are hitting a cache issue so try hitting ctrl-F5 in the browser. If that doesn't work, make sure that the new logo image is properly checked in and published (assuming it is in the SharePoint site and not in /_layouts/). ... That will bypass almost all caching.

Try clearing the broswer memory. I closed the browser I was working in (Edge), opened the Sharepoint Site in a different browser (Chrome) and then the logo changed successfully.  I have had this happen a few times and I think the last time I resolved it was by clearing the browser memory.

Did you solve? I am stuck with same today and solutions below do nothing. I have cleared the cache and tried multiple browsers and just waited. MS error says "We experienced a problem updating the icon. Please try again in a few minutes." I have this happen periodically.
This is happening in our tenant as well. This was similar bug we had 1-2 years ago that took a month or two to fix. I tried every day for past week with different browsers and still same issue, notice in Site Assets the site logo is getting overwritten constantly. Welcome back the bug :(
This is happening again in our tenant as well. It occurred about 1-2 years ago and took a few months to get fixed. I tried every day for a week now and in 3 different browsers. Notice in the Site Assets library, the site icon files are getting updated every hour/ several times a day. I'll have to put in another ticket with MS.
In the end I was able to fix. I had to rename my site icons with MS's standard for the png in the site asset folder and then overwrite it manually. I didn't work for all sites, but then I found that if deleted both jpg and png icon files MS would automatically regenerate these files with lettered blank icon files. They I could overwrite just the png (name with two underscores on each side so it matches and asked to overwrite)....ugh...but fixed.
I agree with Heather, rename your logo to "__rectSitelogo__Transparent icon.png" and upload to SiteAssets , over-write the generated logo in Site Assets. NOTE : those are double under-scores.