SharePoint Files/Folders are Read-Only when opened with File Explorer

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Can I please get help for the following issue:

-sharepoint folders/files are read-only when accessed thru file explorer; able to write/edit in folder on sharepoint site thru browser

-other folders/files for different sharepoint site working normally thru file explorer

-affecting only this user, who is an owner of this sharepoint site (there are other owners and members)

I've already done the following:

-made user owner of site (was previously just a member); confirmed all other owners/members able to access this site normally

​-unsynched and deleted folder

-deleted credentials in Credential Manager

-logged in on freshly wiped laptop and synched OneDrive/Sharepoint site

-'unlinked' OneDrive and resynched 

-made sure: Site Settings -> Site Collection Features > deactivate "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode"

-made sure: SharePoint library settings, clicking on versioning settings and under "Require check-out" check and select No.

-made sure: Draft Item Security is set to Any user who who can read items.

-updated office by downloading m365 apps thru

-removed required columns

-used Sharepoint site's 'Add shortcut to OneDrive' option instead of 'Sync' --> this seemed like it would work but then it errors out about a filepath being too long for OneDrive to synch..



Not sure what other settings/permissions I can edit.


Thank you!

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Please check whether you have installed the desktop experience feature in Computer Manager-> Role and Feature Management