Sharepoint calendar group view not working

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I have created a Sharepoint calendar and enable it as Group. When I add a user and add events it registered, but when i return to the calendar view that person I added disappears??




Am I doing something wrong? When I re-add that person their events can be seen again but I cannot make that person to stay on the calendar permanently. 


Please can someone help.


I'm trying to use this as scheduling teachers and then will have a table which calculates their hours taught per week and how many hours they are down by as per contract.




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Hi~  No, I don't believe you are doing anything wrong.  I am experiencing the same issue, and as far as I can see, this is by design.  I have been trying to find a solution for weeks, and all I came up with was a solution to add javascript to a content editor webpart on the calendar page.  However, my organization has most editing permissions locked down and I can't add the webpart to see if it works. 
If you decide to try it and it works, kindly let me know so that I can push on our Security office to allow webparts.

I am going to post or try to upvote any MSFT suggestion posts about making this possible in Sharepoint without javascript.
I hope this helps! 

@EB_SL Thank you so so much for this. I've implemented the script and seems to have worked wonders. Luckily I'm able to edit and add scripts. I would suggest you get that same ability as it helps enormously when trying out new things. Once again, THANK YOU.