Searching on SharePoint Image Gallery only using 'Image Tags'

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Our company has an image gallery on Share Point which needs to be user-friendly and efficient. Since we deal with a large volume of images, we are searching for the most effective solution to easily locate the images we need. Although I attempted to use the "Image Tags" column to tag the images, a keyword search on Share Point displays not only tags but also other files and folders containing the word. Is there a specific command or search bar option to view only "Image Tags" keywords? Could you suggest a solution?


Thank you! 

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Hello @EnzoSebastiani 


yes, you can show only results with exactly matching from query and a specific property. 


In my example i wanna show only documents with matching search query in title field:




{SearchBoxQuery} IsDocument=1 AND Title:{SearchTerms}


Hope this helps. 


Best, Dave

Hello, How did you get PNP Search box ?

Hello @MedericG 


it's an app from the community (for free ;) :(


Regards, Dave