Question regarding MC261534 and MC282480

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in the MC261534 (and later one) was communicated that SharePoint Permission Option Menu will be gone from "Private Channel Sites" aka "Teams connected team sites".


Permission for a Teams connected teams sites should be managed in Teams. 


So far so clear !


Can please somebody tell me a little bit more about this at this is not 100% clear for me. 


  • Does only the Members or Owner Groups (SharePoint Group e.g. "Member of xyz Site" or "Owner of xyz Site" on the SharePoint (Private Channel Site) be managed automatically ? e.g. the groups will be managed automatic with the settings from Teams
  • will other, additional SharePoint Groups be deleted which were created before ? 
  • after Microsoft has turned on the automatic "managment" will it be possible to add SharePoint Groups via PnP or other API's ? 

Many thx for clarification if somebody already has seen this in real life ? 







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I spent some time reading about RoadMap 81945 as well as MC261534 and MC282480. It's so confusing because it sounds new but in fact the changes are subtle.

First, "Private Channel Sites" are not equal to "Teams connected team sites".
Regular chanel > Teams connected team site = parent team connected site
Private chanel > Teams connected channel site = channel site

Also, nothing new here, it wasn't possible to change permissions in 'Channel Sites' (private chanels) for a long time already.

The changes are explained here: