Permission level "Review"?

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I haven't dealt with SharePoint from the admin perspective for a while, so I might have missed something. Please apologise if this is a dumb question:


I see two apparently identical permission levels on our site: Read and Review. Identical in respect of the permissions set. Why is that?


It seems to me the new Review level turned up with a new feature in sharing allowing to restrict editing to review mode only.


Point is: something is going wrong. It doesn't work. People complain they cannot access the document at all. They are also not showing up in the classic SharePoint permissions list.


This plus the new Review level (which sounds as if made for the purpose) confuses me.


Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?



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@HenrikZ This is a new feature in SharePoint online/OneDrive which is not fully rolled out yet: 


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So, I would advise not to use this feature until full rollout because it may not work properly before rollout.

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Thanks a bunch! That explains a lot. I don't know why I even see the feature.

@HenrikZ Maybe you have set up the Targeted release options for yourself or your organization in the past.

You can review (:lol:) the targeted release options by following above link if you have access to admin center.

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I don't have that access. But I will mention it to our "real" admins. Not a good idea to confuse people with features that do not yet fully work :)