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Hi Community Team,


I have a script on a Excel sheet in one drive, simple script just to clear a range of cells of contents.

Works fine for me, but although others can access and edit shared file, the script set up to clear cells does not work.

Script seems to be shared too.

Any ideas?

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Hi @rzaneti 


This may be one for you buddy.

What do you think?

Hi @Jim_Currier__NPL ,


Are your users calling the script through a button? If yes, is it show the "Running script" message? If yes, does it generate any error logs(it usually appears at the red strip, on the top of your spreadsheets)?

Hi @rzaneti ,


Yes its through a button.


I've asked a couple of people to test it for me to see if they get any error messages.

Will let you know.


Hi @rzaneti 


Just tested with another user, the script does not even appear to show on their version.

No error messages, just as if the script is not there.


Kind Regards,

Hi @Jim_Currier__NPL ,


It is probably some issue with the sharing settings. Can you please follow this procedure and test it again:


1. In your script details, confirm if the access is allowed to other members of your organization (in the example below, you see that this is available only for me):




2. Click in the '...' button and 'Share':



3. After allow the sharing, the Script access may look like this:



Test if now your users can access it.


Let me know if not works and we can keep investigating!

Hi @rzaneti 


Yes its all set up for sharing as you said,


Still not available to others.

Hi @rzaneti 


Just found this, I don't think we can do it no matter how we try;



I see. But your users are from different SharePoint groups or organizations? In my case, I have some scripts running from several users from the same group, and it works fine.