More control for Document Library and List creation needed

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Hi All,

Wondering if anyone else feels the same way about this. 

We have a set of site Templates that we want to ensure are used so that we have consistency across our teams and Project sites. The problem that we're facing is that MEMBERS are given edit access to the site - so they can create Document Libraries and Lists that don't comply with our standards! 

We have a set of naming conventions and content types that we expect to be used - but when members create document libraries they don't follow these as they're often not aware of why they are required. 

This then means that we lose structure and governance over our content. 


Apart from creating Contribute role and assigning the M365 group to that on every site - is there any other recommendations? 

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@Nixxiola Natively, I think it's more on configuring settings and controls in SP admin center. You can also look at third-party governance tools like AvePoint Governance to help with setting automated governance policies to have more control (and less IT overhead) not only when it comes to naming conventions and site creations but also with lifecycle management. Check it out :)