Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation

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Microsoft is introducing a SharePoint app bar in SharePoint online that will feature global navigation in your SharePoint modern communication and team sites.


The SharePoint app bar brings a consistent navigation experience to every site on your intranet, featuring quick access to important sites across the organization with global navigation, personally relevant sites, news feed and the files.

Enabling and customizing global navigation in SharePoint requires a home site.




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This is now visible to some users in European Standard Release tenant. We have multiple users in Targeted Release mode, some are able to see this and some not. I am the admin who would like to configure this before launch and my account is in Targeted Release mode, but still I am not able to see this. Are anyone else experiencing this?



Microsoft started releasing this feature recently to targeted release tenants. It is not rolled out completely and may take some time (took up to 24 hours for some users) to work properly on your tenant after it starts appearing on SharePoint sites.


I think you have to wait until it shows up for you on your tenant or you can raise a support ticket with Microsoft from admin center.

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This showed up in my tenant on 3/9 for user accounts but not for the global admin or SharePoint admin accounts. It's been more than 48 hours and still no admin accessibility which is a little frustrating as I'd like to get this configured.
Meh.. MS strikes again..
Currently looking into replacing our homepage (which is a page in a modern Team Site, with lots of subsites) to a comms page, to accommodate the new global navigation.
As described here

Has anyone here had experience in doing this? What can go wrong? Does this just create a comms style page which I can set as homepage and nothing else in that site collection changes?

How do we turn this off? It's visually distracting, unnecessary and hasn't been approved by my company yet.
As in the article above

How to disable the SharePoint app bar?
You cannot disable the SharePoint app bar permanently. However, you can temporarily disable the SharePoint app bar in your tenant using PowerShell until October 31, 2021.
To temporarily disable the SharePoint app bar:
Download the latest version of SharePoint Online PowerShell.
Then, run the following command with administrator privileges:
Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $true
yep, i had to change my admin account to non-admin account (in tr mode) in order to be able to configure the app bar.
I don't see any option to configure it with either an admin or non admin account. Could be because non-admin is not targeted release I suppose so doesn't see the bar yet....
Either way, I added some css to hide it permanently - but there really should be a switch somewhere to just turn it off.
I was not able to configure it with non-admin account until that non-admin account was in TR mode. And there is a switch to temporarily switch it off, as stated above, you can run powershell Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $true
Just another whacked out "feature" that annoys and destroys a good product for SMALL business. You know, the ones who don't have employees all over the planet. Global navigation...for an organization that has one SharePoint site. USELESS.
PLEASE tell me/us how you did this? I'm not a coder (by trade), just an infrastructure support weenie, and I would love to know how this can be accomplished. I'm getting so fed up with Microsoft's endless "look, it's another useless row/section of color, pizzazz and highlights" and their avoidance with real issues (e.g., changing tenant names, moving info from one site/library/list to another and integrating PDF management options).
We are in the same situation. Targeted release but still not visible :(
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You can disable the SharePoint app bar temporarily using PowerShell until October 31, 2021.


To run the PowerShell commands you will need either Global administrator or SharePoint administrator privileges. Follow below steps:

  1. Download the latest version of SharePoint online PowerShell
  2. Then, run the following command with administrator privileges:


Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $true


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We now have it, but there's an issue with instead. Can't view the navigation. It asks for me to apply for permissions. Even though I am the primary administrator of our homesite.

Any thoughts/solutions on that out here?



To customize the global navigation, you need to set up a home site in SharePoint Online.


Make sure you have granted at least read permissions to users to see the global navigation.

Note: The first time you set up a home site, it might take some time for the changes to take effect.

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@lance-augheyI have an SPFx extension that injects a custom stylesheet into sites where we need to "adjust" Msft's odd design decisions. So I added this to it:
#sp-appBar{display:none !important;}
Google tahoe ninjas spfx extensions to find out how to add a stylesheet.

@ganeshsanap, got it (all set), thanks.

The key being "temporarily" should be "permanently", like all the other fluff throws at us micro/small companies with one-man IT departments (and a single site collection) with already TOO much to deal with. I guess making everything temporary is the new path forward (yet another unnecessary and unannounced change coming the all-mighty Microsoft).

Remember CLUTTER? Yep, disabled that pile o' poo the day it was announced...what ever happened to that nonsense? Oh yeah, it's NO more. Apparently people didn't like it much. Huh.

What ever happened to user acceptance testing? It's common knowledge that throughout history, companies that fail to improve their offering based on approved changes, they all suffer/fail. Every. Single. One.

@matt howell many, many thanks for this information. Very much appreciated. And here I was thinking since moving to SPO, we'd be limited in what we could accomplish...and suffering/dealing with such nonsense for the last 4+ years. You ARE the man!

@ganeshsanap This has been done and the app is present. It is when it is about to open the navigation pane I get the "ask for permissions" page. Even though I am the home site administrator.