I dont have some webparts in my modern sharepoint

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hi all,


I dont seem to have some web part promoted links or My Profile


Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 12.46.37.pngScreenshot 2022-12-07 at 12.46.50.png 



Any ideas why I would be missing these? 

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What template are you using ? Some webparts in Team sites aren't available in Communication sites and vise versa
I am using communication site is that where I am going wrong?
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No just that they have a different naming. to highlight link you can use Quick links webpart or Link webpart if it's a single link!

For my profile, there isn't a specific webpart built-in, except the one where in search if you want to find specific information about yourself in SharePoint! You can also use Delve.

There might be some community built ones:
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@AB21805 It sounds like you might be used to working with SharePoint classic webparts rather than modern. Check out this list of webparts to find their comparable one in modern. Classic and modern web part experiences - Microsoft Support

For the My Profile, use the People webpart, and set it to [me] or enter the name of the person. 

It may not return the right information if that has not been setup properly by your Global Admin. You'll need to work with them to populate the correct information. 

For Promoted Links - use Quick Links, Link, or you can also now easily add links to image webparts etc. Pretty slick.