How to set View level permission for a List/Library in SharePoint online?

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I want to set permission for some of my list views so that a specific person can visit them and nobody else have access to them.

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Unfortunately lists/document libraries views does not provide the ability to set specific permissions...views have never been a securable object in SharePoint


Unfortunately, there is no way to assign permission to the SharePoint list view, but you can set the permission at Library level.


Settings > List settings > Permissions for this list

HI @Soheilsd,

you can try to use conditional formating

Use column formatting to customize SharePoint | Microsoft Docs

also, see this video

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Another trick is to move the view page to a doc library, set permissions and then move it back to its original location.

Hi would you mind explaining what you mean by "move the view page to a doc library". I have a list the default view only exposes columns I don't mind the submitters to the list seeing. But certain columns on the list are only for the eyes of an internal dept. I have created a view for that dept but the general user will be able to see there is another view to the list and can click on it since there is no permission that can be applied to a view. Thanks for your help!


Open the site in SP Designer. All files > lists > open the list. Right click > copy the desired view. Open any doc library from All files > library and paste in the view page. You can then open the library in the browser and adjust permissions as you would for any document. Most likely you'll stop inheriting and apply unique permissions. Once done reverse the process and copy the view page back to the list.
You could also adjust the permissions in SP Designer if it's easier.
Thank you for your prompt response!
Does this really work with SharePoint Online?

Yes, I've used it in SP Online. @ikoalosaurus