How to make a Sharepoint site publicly available to everyone?

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I want to make my Sharepoint site visible and available to everyone on the Internet, without the need to have to sign into Microsoft account.


I have made this configuration


Annotation 2019-11-14 230417.png


This site can be shared with anyone, including via anonymous access links


but still I can't get it to work. when I paste my site's URL in InPrivate mode in Edge, it asks for login.


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@HotCakeX This is not possible in SharePoint Online. Access anonymously is only done through those anonymous access links via "share" functionality in SharePoint. Open/Public sites are not available.

@Beau Cameron 

Hi, thank you,
can I share my site with other people using personal Microsoft account? (
because when I try to share my site, I get this message: " is outside of your organization."


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my settings are like this in Sharepoint Admin center


Annotation 2019-11-14 235037.png


What am I missing?

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@HotCakeX Yes you can. That's not an error. It's just letting you know the user isn't a part of your organization. As long as they have a link, they will be able to enter.

Oh thank you, I don't know why I thought it was an error that wouldn't let me proceed. lol
Can I export somehow communication site to Zip etc and mount it on publicly accessible IIS10 website? I don't need user limited access, although it would be a nice feature. Or at least build there on IIS10 a site with all these wonderful tools using some Visual Studio extension? Marcin