How to let the search box only search the current page?

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Hi, really hope someone could help me:sad: been trying for many days. I am currently using SharePoint to create a page. 

I would like to create a search box for only search the current page, it's a bit like searching keywords which leads you to that place. Example here (but it's not on SharePoint):



However, the solutions I found it's always link to other sites or pages.


But I only want the results to be current page. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you so much! 

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Search context stops at the list/library level. Once you reach a page, you have the browser search that can find terms on the currently loaded page as long as they are not in a collapsed section or something that would otherwise block the page search from finding them. If you are trying to deep link to certain terms on a page, you can use the built-in heading styles to create segments on your page. Each heading also serves as an anchor. If you have a large page of content, you can manually create a table of contents for the page and refer to your Heading anchor links to allow folks to skip to the section they are wanting to read.