How do I change the default sharing policy for new SharePoint sites?

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We had disabled anonymous sharing for SharePoint and OneDrive on organization level. We now have a specific case forcing us to allow sharing with Anyone on SharePoint.


By changing this 'minimum' setting, all new sites created have are created with the most permissive sharing policy.


How can we change this? I want sites to be created with a stricter policy and administrators to be able to set a more permissive setting upon special request.


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I dont think you can, as this is inherited from the tenant-wide setting. You can however toggle it on a per-site basis post-creation via PowerShell (or in some cases the UI).



This is not what I notice on my side.

SharePoint admin center policy is set on anyone with the link yet a new site gets created with the "New and existing guests" external sharing setting as default. (so not the least restrictive).

Anyone else having this behavior?

Where is the default value defined? I would expect in the Admin center under Site Creation or Policies > Sharing but it does not seem to be the case.


@ben-dlvx Our tenant is doing the same thing. We have "Anyone" links allowed in SharePoint, but new sites are set on the "New and Existing Guests" policy with the option upgrade it to allow "Anyone" links. This behavior is ok for us, but we would rather have the option to control it and not just hope it stays like this. I can't find a button that says anything about setting the default policy for SharePoint. I thought the slider did it, but obviously not.

@TieleDeclercq My org is facing this same predicament. Were you able to find a solution? Thanks!

I'm facing the same situation,
I actually try some Sharepoint cmdlets to change the default sharing policies, and they not work at all.
We are having a similar issue, anyone having success with this?
Breathing some new life into this old post...seeing the same thing in my lab Tenant, would like to be able to modify the default the sites get created with.