Get public URL for document files in sharepoint online

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My requirement is when any item created or modified, then I need to send all the listing details to another server. In my listing having different column and also attachment column. For attachment I need to send the public URL so anonymous users can able to access anywhere.


I created one power automate flow for fetching the public URL of Attachment folder files. I created a power automate flow with "Create Sharing Link for a file or folder". It was given me sharing the link, but when I paste to another browser, then its open on the HTML page. 


I need to display image or file (pdf etc..) into my mobile application so I need a public URL which open directly to mobile app. So above created sharing link I can not able to open in mobile app.


So is there any other way that I will get the public URL from power automate, and directly open in the browser without HTML page. 


Please check the attachment




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