Generating bar codes by enabling the Site Policy SharePoint feature or using third party websites

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I am working on an inventory app using SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate. And for the assets i want to generate bar codes that i can print and scan. now seems there are 2 approaches we can follow:-


1) Use 3rd party web sites which generate the bar code images

2) Enable the related SharePoint site collection feature, so for each list item we will have a bar code, as follow:-









now i am not sure which approach to follow and why? in other word what are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? considering that i am using Power Platform along with SharePoint online as the data source.



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@johnjohn-Peter  When deciding how to generate barcodes for your inventory app using SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate, let's see the pros and cons of each method.


On the plus side, third-party tools are flexible, supporting different barcode types. They're quick and easy to use, and you're not dependent on specific SharePoint features.


However, there might be extra costs for using these tools. Also, managing barcode images separately could mean more work, especially when connecting them to specific items in your list.


Alternatively, using SharePoint's built-in barcode feature is tightly integrated with your lists. Barcodes are generated automatically without any additional costs. Plus, Power Apps can easily access these barcodes.


But keep in mind, there's a limitation – you can only use one type of barcode. Enabling this feature requires administrative access, and it's specific to the SharePoint site collection.


Considering your reliance on SharePoint and Power Platform, going with the built-in barcode feature makes sense. It simplifies things, automates barcode generation, and aligns well with your inventory needs. Just ensure that the chosen barcode type and access requirements match your project. While third-party tools offer flexibility, they might come with extra costs and more complexity, making the SharePoint feature a practical choice.

@BarryGoblon thanks a lot  for the reply... in our case we need the barcode  to be printed on the assets so we can scan it and retrieve it. so i think the default format provided by SharePoint can satisfy this, am i correct?