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If I use a form template to collect data from my client, does that client have to be a sharepoint user - i.e., I am having to pay for that person per month?

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What form template are you talking about ? What kind of data do you want collect

If you are talking about a simple form then Microsoft Forms, then no it will be free but you need to power automate flow to save the information to SharePoint List. This way client doesn't need any license.
When I look at the "site contents" I see a default folder "Form Templates". Important enough to have their own folder so I just wondered what they are. It did a little investigating and it seems they tie to InfoPath which is now defunct. Why in the world would sharepoint communication sites comes with a default folder for something no longer in use!
Yeah it's a legacy folder from the good ol' days. They probably not updated the template which is used to create, so that's why.