Folder Rename syncing issue

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I have an issue with the company OneDrive creating not properly syncing renamed folders. If someone renames a folder, a brand new folder (with a new name) is created with the same content as the renamed folder.


(old folder) "John Wane"

(folder after rename) "John Wane (Mr)"


OneDrive then syncs the renamed folder as a new folder instead of renaming the old folder online.


I need some advice about this as we have been trying to find a way around having to search for and delete the old folder.


Please advise a solution.

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@StarLordZA  is this happens from Computer synced location only or the same behavior from the web version of the one drive if you rename on the web client, if that is not happening from the web to computer there may be anything wrong with the Onedrive software installed unlinking and deleting and then reinstall Onedrive and sync should resolve this issue.


please share your experience if this resolves your issue let us know.


Hi there,


Thank you for your response to my posts. I have had this for a while now and have tried both local and web renames, and still have the same issue. I have even reloaded my macOS because I thought there might have been some software corruption, but no resolve. 

I think my best bet at the moment would be to create a new site that will contain the updated directory structure and cut the old data from the old site, into the "renamed" folders on the new site. Gradually removing the old site. 


Once all is done I will delete the old site.


Would you advise this as an alternative?



Vincent Philander

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@StarLordZA  Yes that is a great idea, most of the time it is hard and time taking but it will give you good insight if there are any new changes to folder structures or renaming the folder names, etc. 


so using the built-in features Copy or Move will be your friends for these migrations from old sites to new sites.



Pervaiz Dostiyar


Hi there,


Yes indeed. I really do appreciate your insight on this matter. I will need to communicate with my team going forward that we need to start doing the above and see how things go from there.


I understand that this will take some time, but any new changes will be very clear to anyone viewing the information.


Again, thank you for your assistance. :smile:


Best Regards

Vincent Philander

@StarLordZA @PDostiyar 

I have experienced the same issue with folder rename creating a new folder in Sharepoint.  


This is through the OneDrive synced library feature for Sharepoint.  

Rename a folder in File Explorer of a Synced Sharepoint top level folder in a library.  This rename creates a new folder with the same folder structures, but not a copy of the files into the new folder name. The new folder does not have any permissions set as the old folders had, just an inheritance of the library permissions. 


This seems to be a potential bug in OneDrive synced folders for Sharepoint?   This instance which was just identified happened on Aug 4 2021.  

@StarLordZA We have recently move over to One Drive from Google Drive and this issue is popping up a lot. 


I could count on one hand the amount of issues people within the company had on Google Drive in 5+ years. The amount of issues we are having daily with One Drive is just hard to believe.


I was at least expecting a comparable product but it is just not even in the same universe as Google Drive. This is costing us time and money every day now.