File Viewer Webpart (PDF) not showing option "Open in new window"

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For one SharePoint Online tenant, File viewer Web Part not showing a option of "Open in new window" for PDFs. Earlier it users are able to view this. Problem is not occurring for another tenants. 


Not Working Looks Like Below,


 Working Example,


Getting error like below screenshot in debugger tool for not working example.



Any guidance on issue will be very helpful.




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Same problem here. Only on one tenant.
Any idea?
Regards, Mario

@MarioM I am also experiencing this issue across all PDFs on our site. Other documents are working fine? 

Yes, only PDF Files.

I did a check and now the "Open in new window" button is back on all sitecollections. great...

It seems this is intermittent issue in tenant. For me, sometimes its appearing correctly sometimes not. Not able to track how this is happening.

@pratikdarak21 still happening on my side, any suggestions? 

I also noticed this on our Sharepoint in the last few days. We are using the File Viewer web part to display PDFs and the "Open in new window" option is no longer in the hover menu. This makes this particular web part a bit useless as the file is typically too small to review. It also prevents our users from downloading the file now as well.


I show on MS community site that one of the tips still indicates this "Open in new window" is the recommended way to view and print PDFs, so definitely an oversight somewhere from MS.





Same thing here.  Unable to view "Open in a new window" from a PDF on File View in SharePoint.  

How did you fix the issue?
Also seeing this issue, can't open PDF files on Sharepoint sites.

We are also experiencing the same issue. Is this something that get resolved soon from Microsoft's end or do we have some work around for this ??

How did you fix this? Is it all back for now or still having this issue?
We did nothing, the issue in our tenant was 'cloud-magically' repaired.
But since there is now an M365 Service alert, Microsoft is aware of it.
Advisory information
Title: "File Viewer" web part is not showing the option "Open in new window" for PDF files
ID: SP335927

I refreshed my browser a few minutes ago and the issue appears to have been resolved. Based on the note below about MS issuing a Service Alert, I can only think they fixed it on their end. We did nothing on our end to fix it, but glad it seems to be restored.

Yes mine is the same too!
It seems to be working now!!! I refreshed my browser and the the "open in a new window" appeared on my select.

Microsoft, what in the world is going on? This issue seemed to be corrected, but today I find the issue popping up again? So frustrating...