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I have an EVENT calendar in Sharepoint - seems to be only for events, so i cannot create meeting from there.

How can I add an outlook calendar to Sharepoint? we used to have the option to add apps (when they were coming with the blue icons, and calendar was one of them, now i cannot see anything and it looks quite different anyway)

But the main point is, that i need to be able to have a group calendar showing in the Sharepoint site. thanks

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There is a Group Calendar WebPart but it's only available for Group Sites and not for Communication Sites
Actually. you can add the Group Calendar web part to a communication site. But, to work for everyone, anyone with access to the communication site needs to be a member of the group. I know of several small companies who use this approach to showcase employee birthdays on the intranet home page.
There is a group calendar webpart available in office 365 group sites

This webpart and the events in it can only be accessible and visible to members of the group.

The events can be added either via the webpart or from outlook or via the office 365 group associated to
the site.

If you already have a team site created, you just need to attach the webpart and import the calendar from outlook
to the site.

This gets better in communication sites.

The webpart is available and you can add any group calendar you want without the group being attached to the site
(communication sites have no group attached to it). This gives you the option to bring as many group calendars as you want to the site.

Kindly check this Microsoft doc for more info on how to use a group calendar

I hope the above information is helpful to get your issue fixed.