Best MS App for managing large data base on SharePoint

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I have a large Excel data base that will grow over time.

Its a planning / scheduling tool.

Can MS assist with which app to use and how to set it up so members can view and multiply owners can edit at the same time.

The list will have 2000 rows of data covering a 20–30 year range.

The list will need SharePoint views so members can only see data that is relevant to their respective teams and date range.

The list will grow over 5000 lines over 12 months, I could cull but I would like to keep past jobs as history if possible.

Icing on the cake would be a last modified option for each task.


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Give a try to Microsoft lists lists.

Hi @Michael___C 


You can store much more than 5000 items per SharePoint list if you set your indexes right. And SharePoint lists automatically provide you with forms, versioning and automatically  propagated modified/created fields.

But you will certainly get issues with large datasets sometime in the future if you treat SharePoint lists like a database. They are meant for collaboration use and not to be used like a database.


If you just use the list to create views that filter by a "team" field and by a "date" field (and both are indexed) (and each resulting view has not more than 5000 Results), then lists should fit your usecase.

If you don't want your users to be able to edit items in the list, then go to "Gear"->"List Settings"->"Permissions for this list". Here you click "Stop Inheriting Permissions" and grant just "Read" Permissions to your members (instead of the default "Edit" Permissions)

But take a look at Dataverse Tables and a PowerApp.
Dataverse can handle large datasets and queries much better, you can easily update the data through Dataflows and visualize it using Power BI.
It also has automatically  propagated modified/created fields, but no versioning. And you have to create your Forms and Views in PowerApps.

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