Prevent ex-employees from accessing downloaded data when they are no longer in company

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most of our users have installed the O365 mobile app on their own mobile devices or a personal laptop, such as Outlook, Skype for business, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams.
When the user leaves the company, we will change their O365 password immediately, suppose they cannot receive any new message or files.

However, how about the OLD record on their mobile devices? Seems if the user has used Outlook to access company email before, the OLD mailbox history is downloaded in their own devices. Even we changed the password, they can still able to access the downloaded record. It will create some security issues. I am not sure how about OneDrive, S4B, SharePoint, TEAMS, are they also saved old files/messages in their mobile devices and they are still able to access their old record?

Do we have any methods to prevent the user to access the old record on their own mobile devices?

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@DiVojich Start here:


Microsoft Intune is an MDM and MAM provider for your devices


Capabilities of built-in Mobile Device Management for Microsoft 365

thanks for the info.
I am aware of Intune, but for now it is not an option.

@DiVojich Perhaps the built-in Mobile Device Management for Microsoft 365 is an option then.