Outlook for Mac 365 crashes during startup

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I'm among those whose Outlook for Mac search stopped cataloging after the update to Monterey 12.1. Now, having restarted my laptop, Outlook is crashing every time I try to start the app. Anyone have a fix on this? So frustrating

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Additional info: here is the summary from the crash report:

Translated Report (Full Report Below)

Process: Microsoft Outlook [1088]
Path: /Applications/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Outlook
Identifier: com.microsoft.Outlook
Version: 16.56 (16.56.21121100)
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2022-01-03 13:25:29.7658 -0500
OS Version: macOS 12.1 (21C52)
Report Version: 12
Bridge OS Version: 6.1 (19P647)
Anonymous UUID: 9FB06F89-77B7-F32E-C8B9-F654618AE12B

Sleep/Wake UUID: 8E78C38A-19D4-48D2-96D6-4A1EB5C4E65C

Time Awake Since Boot: 520 seconds
Time Since Wake: 14 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
CoreUI: error void DrawQualifiedAnimationFrameWithOperation(CFIndex (^)(NSInteger), NSRect, CUIThemeRendition *, CGContextRef, CGBlendMode, CGFloat, CUIFocusRingType, CGColorRef, CUIShapeEffectStack *) got a invalid subimage '{{0, 0}, {32, 32}}' for rendition <_CUIInternalLinkRendition: 0x7faez
stack buffer overflow

I'm running the app on a 2019 MacBook Pro with 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 processor

@rabbirex This has been happening to me since I logged in this morning. Cannot get Outlook to not crash. Any update on a fix?

@rabbirex YES!  I have the same issue since this morning - Outlook crashes right after starting - I've been searching for a fix and I've tried all of the suggestions from earlier problems with Outlook on the Mac...  I REALLY Hope we can find a solution!

This is PAINFUL! Is there any hope that this will be fixed? I started using the browser interface for some of my email addresses, and MacMail for a few. Changing from Outlook is painful since it's been my email application for countless years.

@BudHartley through this website, I waited in queue and chatted with tech support. Using the "old" outlook style, it would not stop crashing. The "new" style, it was okay. I did not want this. We ended up having to create a new user identity.

Thanks, @kravmarc, but I can't even open the app to make the switch to the "new" style.
How did you manage to chat with tech support? They haven't responded to this thread and I don't see where on the website there is a direct contact chat or phone option.
Thanks Marc,

When the "new" Outlook arrived, I tried it, but it only allowed me to have one email address - I have 22 addresses (one of more on each of my client's systems, and GMail, and my Internet provider)...
I'm also surprised that there's only the few of us that are chiming in on this problem... Maybe others aren't using the "old" version and don't have the problem?

at the bottom is "Need More Help" and there's an arrow to the right of it to click on to request a Chat with support agent

I'm in Outlook hedoublehockeystick today!!!  I'm having same issue.  It's driving me nuts.  I'm following to see if a fix is given.  I don't want to lose data I've had in Outlook for years. @rabbirex 

Thanks, @chefguitar, but this doesn't help. I've already tried those links and they lead back to the same place, but no "There may be a fix" message in the error box. Meanwhile, WHY IS NO MICROSOFT TECH PERSON RESPONDING HERE?
OK, I'm so stubborn I just can't give up finding a solution.

As Outlook was opening (obviously before it crashed) I did a "Force Quit" - I submitted the report saying I did it because I was trying everything.

It opened successfully! Since then, I've closed Outlook, and when I open it it successfully opens!

No, I don't know why, but it worked!


It sounds like your AutoUpdate service had downloaded and needed the app closed.  I've seen some pretty weird stuff happen when that happens.

Glad it's working for you!  good catch.

I would have expected the app closed in one of the five reboots, or when it kept crashing.

The "About" says I'm on Version 16.56 (21121100) I didn't make note of the version when it was crashing.


well, I have 2 Macs and one is 16.54 and the other 16.58.  Based on the above, not sure version is the thing.  I recently had a big issue with OneDrive that seemed to affect Outlook and Teams, ended up reinstalling every single Office App all the way down to resetting cache so it wouldn't surprise me if it's not even related to Outlook.

Agreed! I had uninstalled Office 365 then did a reinstall. Then I uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled it. (I was trying everything I could imagine). This was a VERY quirky situation. I'm so glad the Forced Quit did the trick for me.

@BudHartley  Force Quit on the Outlook app as it starts has had no effect to my issue as still crashes.  I have reinstalled a fresh version of Office today and still using the 16.56 version which crashes.  Not sure exactly when the new autoupdate happened on this version as not been on the Mac over Xmas but since I have come back to it this last week I have had the issue.  Anyone have any other solution options?

just add me to the long list above having the same problem. I've force quit several times, hard re-booted, reinstalled Office 365 for Mac. Nothing works. Why are there no notes on this subject after 9 Jan? It's now the 20th and still nothing. Has anyone tried going. back to Big Sur to see if that would work?