Outlook Client Search not working


Hi There,


I am having an issue with my outlook client. When I search for an email/contact, I receive a 'we didn't find anything' result (when this shouldn't be the case) - this is happening on the outlook app & web. 


In safe mode search works. I have tried de-activating all my add-ons to see whether these have caused the issue; however, the same challenge arises. I have tried re-indexing & even re-imaged my machine.


When searching our intranet, I am also receiving no results when I would typically get a list of internal resources for the search term. 


If anyone could suggest a fix or something else to try I would appreciate it.






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This workaround involves disabling Windows Desktop Search, forcing Outlook to use the built-in search. Here's how, but keep in mind that these steps involve tweaking the registry, which is always a risky task.

Open the registry editor in Windows 11 as as administrator
Find this subkey in the registry and then select it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
Select Edit > New > Key and name the new key Windows Search
Select the new Windows Search key.
Select Edit > New > DWORD Value.
Type PreventIndexingOutlook for the name of the DWORD, and then press Enter
Right-click PreventIndexingOutlook, and then select Modify...
In the Value data box, type 1 to enable the registry entry, and then select OK
Exit Registry Editor, and then restart Outlook

@clyde1415 many thanks for your response & this proposed workaround. Over the weekend Outlook appears to have resolved this issue; however, if the problem persists I will try your approach. Thanks again for your time.