Moved iCloud email to Outlook

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Hi guys, 


I experienced issues moving emails from one account to another and now the time stamps are all mixed and messed up. I’ll explain below what i did and I’d appreciate it if you could help and recommend what I should do to fix it and how I should approach it better the next time.


I have a Mac using apple mail and an iCloud email account. I wanted to move all my iCloud emails to my outlook email account (subfolders, sent emails, inbox everything...). I simply opened Apple Mail drag and dropped it to my outlook email account.

Everything looked good, the emails got copied incl. correct time stamp and attachments in outlook for Mac until i moved the sent emails


The emails got moved to the sent outlook folder BUT not chronologically sorted by date and time stamp. It is a mess! 


  1. Why did everything work well and the sent emails are all mixed up?
  2. What is the best way to  move and merge email accounts using a Mac ?

Many thanks,


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