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We have pushed all our users to use Outlook mobile apps on iOS and Android, however many are complaining that they have created rules on the Outlook desktop client to put emails in certain sub folders (i.e. all emails from my manager go into a sub folder) and not getting notifications. As the email is moved to the folder before it gets to the client, the mobile apps do not display a notification.


As a work around I've had to set up some Flows so that if email received from a certain email address, it displays a notification. The user can then open Outlook and go to the relevant folder. Its not pretty.


This seems like a basic feature, its available in the iOS and Android stock mail apps which most used before we pushed them to Outlook.


Any plans on the mobile apps to have notifications for sub folders?

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@Andrew Sparks 


Hi, I hope it should it work fine.


Step 1: Open Outlook app and Click on Menu Bar(Top Left 3 lines in Android)

Step 2: Go to  Settings or Click on Gear Icon

Step 3: In the list you can find Notifications under Email section click on that

Step 4: In the Notification You can find a option called notifications and other

Step 5: Click on Notifications and you will get drop-down list select All Email


I hope this should work.



Glad that this was implemented finally but also disappointed as I just did this manipulation but it did not work..

I still don't receive any notifications from sub-folders.

Hi@Ali_az , you can try to use this tool: EmailInformer.



This did not work, sub-folder still do not cause a notification in the app. 

@Victor Ivanidze 

Thanks for the proposition Victor.

But this topic is about the outlook android app not the desktop app.

I'am surprised that this basic functionality is not in the app yet..I'am a developer and I know how this work, it's a shame that Microsoft implements their outlook application without thinking about having a notification for sub-folder new mails..


Hint for people that have the same issue and those who might end-up here:

The best solution I found currently is to use MS-flow app, I succeeded to have notifications with a delay of 15 minutes as it sychronizes every 15 min for outlook account and I think every 5 min for 365 email accounts.

Install it from the store then follow these steps:

- Create a new flow

- from the triggers list, pick when a new email comes v2 (there is a trigger for outlook and one for 365).

- hit login, it will ask you to login

- then add Notification from the action list

- you can choose what to show in the notification (I picked sender and body of email).


@Ali_az thanks for posting the work around. The Outlook app for Android is HORRENDOUS. How do they expect people to use this app. There is 0 customization to fit organization needs. My company has signature requirements and there is no way to have a HTML signature with text color, you're unable to search in a specific folder, the push notifications on anything other than the inbox is insanity. Fingers crossed they do work on this ASAP. I've setup the flow like you suggested but I haven't received any notification yet. I'm in 365 it should have been 5 minutes right?
I have the same need and the same problem. What can I do to receive those mobile notifications for subfolders? This issue has not been resolved yet.
Bumping this thread because it's still an issue.

@Ali_az  gave a possible solution. Did you try it? 

The extremely long winded workaround? Yes.
Regardless, bumping this thread because it has not been fixed.



Yes, I also would love a fix for this. Frustrating since there is a way to do this for iOS but not for Android.

@mohaa98  Hello, may I ask you for solution on iOs devices please?

Hi @hementh ,

Unfortunately its not working.

I was facing this issue in 2017. now its 2020 and this issue is not resolved yet. :(

can anybody suggest how to get notification for sub folder in outlook for android. (MS Exchange)




This is what I used when I had an iPhone and worked fine. Only thing is if you add/create additional subfolders, need to remember to come back and add them to the favorites as well. -

i agree. please work on it

@Andrew Sparks 


This issue has been around since the beginning of time.  Still no fix.  Very frustrating.  

This issue is very frustrating!!
This issue is still there, and we are getting no response from support team!!
Any plan to fix this issue or we should switch to different mail client!!


Hi, thanks for the potential solution. Bumping this thread up as I am astonished that people raised this issue as early as 2015 and it has yet to be looked into in 2020. Why bother using rules creation if you aren't going to be notified properly, you end up missing out on important messages. Bunch of established features are all wasted because of lacking in one supplementary feature which happens to be the most basic and vital one.


Please outlook team, have a look at this thread please!

@Ali_az Thank you for this solution. I really needed this functionality. I hope they make it at priority 0.